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Update on Space Warp Research
In a radio interview appearances on Coast to Coast am with George Noory on September 23, 2014 and on the July 29, 2014 episode of Open Minds Radio member Dave Pares unveiled his latest research findings on Space Warp Engine technology.  Professor Pares summarized a series of laboratory science experiments demonstrating the compression of space leading to the formation of a space warp bubble, and how it can be accomplished without the need for exotic energy.  A publication of his findings has been made available.

A link to the Coast2Coast appearance can be found here
A link to this radio interview on blog talk radio can be found here 

As always, a link to Professor Pares' ongoing research can be found here
Stay tuned for more exciting news.

Update to Space Warp Portal
Omaha UFO Study Group President Steve Snodgrass has just published a three-part essay on Space Warp research entitled "Space Warp is not for Dummies".  Assisting in the Space Warp Dynamics, LLC project with communications and technical support, Snodgrass attempts to summarize in plain language the key ideas behind the research.

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