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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Live remote radio broadcast from the University of Nebraska Arts and Sciences building, 2nd floor.
Spooky Action at a Distance radio shows will host a live radio broadcast at 6:00pm in an attempt
to gather audio and video evidence via electronic voice phenomena (EVP) surrounding the anniversary
of an unsolved homicide at this location in 1955.  On this the 55th anniversary of the murder of
student Carol Nevins, this will be the first official activity of the newly formed UNO Paranormal Society.
Nevins, a history department tutor, part-time library worker and member of several campus organizations
was murdered.  Many suspects were questioned (some 92 people taking polygraphs) and activity on this
case continued until 1987.  Nevins was brutally murdered by four gunshots while she waited for a bus to 
take her home from campus.

(University of Nebraska Omaha Campus History Series, by Oliver B Pollack and Les Valentine, 2007, Arcadia Publishing)

                                                Past Events and Activities:
Halloween Weekend 2010!  A night of UFO, ghost and paranormal hunting for everyone!

                    Friday, October 29:  
Spooky Action at a Distance Radio Show from 5-7pm on
Special Guests and open topic forum...anything goes!
                    Saturday, October 30:
Member meeting and special welcome to new members, 11am-1pm, Durham Science Bldg Room 285
Free Movie Screening ...6:00pm in the Eppley Administration Building with Q & A session.
Followed at approximately 9:00pm by sky watching atop the Durham Science Bldg Observation Deck


September 11, 2010, Free Movie Screening

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