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Presentation Update...

John Foster, now aged 75 years, provided his most recent public talk at The Psychic Studies Institute in Kansas City.  Friday, July 26, 2013 at 7:30pm in the Unity Temple on the Country Club Plaza, 707 W 47th Street, Kansas City, MO.

This was a rare opportunity to hear Foster in his own words.  For those on the continual hunt to make sense of this complex and overwhelming narrative, but could not attend, Foster's books will remain available on Amazon below.

Publication Update...

John Foster has just published three accounts of his UFO experiences, now available for purchase as hardcopy and Kindle versions.  All three story versions are now available at  Here are the links for purchase.

Eminent Discovery:  A Lifetime of UFO Experiences - A summary of Foster's more complex experiences
To Earth From Heaven - A summary of interpretations and possible meanings of UFO experiences
Eminent Discovery Illustration Picture Book- Just as the title suggests.  Free-hand drawings of experiences!

John also recently was a guest on blog talk radio - Star Seed Academy.  Click here to listen to part 1 of a full-length interview.  In its entirety this is a three part interview where John takes us on a journey of "high strangeness" as those in some UFO/ET circles call it.  Click here for a link to Part 2 of the interview. And click here for part 3!  Additional information, updates, discussions can be found on the John Foster UFOs webpage, and the Foster UFOs Blog on Wordpress.

Project Theta (the story of John Foster)

The story of Nebraska native John Foster is a puzzle that seems at once impossible to believe, easy to discard and, for many, relegated to the likes of the "outlandish and spurious category" in UFOlogy.  But the content of Foster's story, the manner in which it is communicated by Foster himself, and the sheer breadth of material, at least for one member of the Omaha UFO Study Group, suggests it is worth more in-depth study.  This page is devoted to an ongoing investigation into the story of John Foster.

Omaha UFO Study Group member Steve Snodgrass has been given authority as prime researcher and investigator regarding the case of John Foster.  Foster has chronicled his unusual story of a lifetime of UFO/ET experiences in two books:  Eminent Discovery:  A Lifetime of UFO Encounters and To Earth from Heaven available on Amazon.  Foster deems Mr. Snodgrass a "reliable source to convey the meaning [of Foster's] story and related work according to his interpretations."  Interested readers may choose to download Snodgrass' papers below which begin to lay the foundation of his approach, or watch a YouTube video (below) outlining the story of John Foster.

John Foster Local News Story on KOLN/KGIN

Below are links to .pdf white papers completed in 2010/2011 by member Steve Snodgrass.  Snodgrass references the work of John Foster as the inspiration for a new and better way to examine the validity of UFO/ET claims, citing Foster's story as one that stretches the mind to find room for what appears to be a valid, yet remarkable and unique story.  Snodgrass says, 

"I can't dismiss John Foster's story easily.  In fact, the more I delve into the narratives of his encounters and become acquainted with him in personal meetings and correspondence, I find quite the opposite.  I am no longer looking for ways to dismiss the story.  Rather, operating on the assumption now that the story is true and what Foster says happened to him and his family and other witnesses did indeed happen, I am looking for ways to understand it.  I look at the conclusions Foster draws, and the sense he makes of quantum theories of matter, space and time.  I now look at varying approaches to understanding the universe in order to understand what Foster is trying to tell us is the story behind the story.  It is quite an adventure.  An adventure for all time and of the utmost importance for us to understand our place in the world."

The final product of these white papers, which should be read in order, chart the development of a more comprehensive theoretical approach to a branch of research and study Snodgrass calls "Integral UFOlogy."  Visit our Projects Page for links to YouTube videos explaining the general outline of this approach.

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