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Rez Squatching Research


Travel with expert guides who will take you on a tour in search of the mysterious primate called "Sasquatch" Who has been seen and reported by the locals for decades. In addition, learn the history of the Omaha and their unique relationship with Sasquatch. Rez Squatching takes a very culturally sensitive approach in communicating with our relative. To ensure the upmost integrity and respect the relationship our ancestors built over decades with our relative. Again we welcome all visitors and friends to come and experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. "Rez Squatching Believe It!"

We're a short 60 minute drive from Omaha, Nebraska and 40 minutes from Sioux City, Iowa. Lodging is available please call for details at 402-922-1592.

Team Members: Barry Webster, Elvie Freemont, Derek Webster, Cassie Ogg , Richard Soule

Interview with Barry Webster


-How did Rezsquatching come about?                  -Sighting around Omaha Reservation

-Stories told around the area                                -Other things besides Bigfoot

-Little People(Spirits)                                            -Ghost Hunting

-Signs of a Bigfoot

RSR Evidence

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RSR Media

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