MUFON Nebraska

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Beginning in the Summer of 2015, Nebraska MUFON meetings will occur once monthly on the 3rd Saturday from 10am-noon at the Durham Science Center, Room 285 on the Campus of the University of Nebraska at Omaha.
This page serves as a "drop box" for meeting agendas, meeting notes, links discussed and other MUFON Nebraska Chapter updates.  Monthly meetings will typically follow this agenda:

1.  Monthly MUFON Statistics
2.  Case highlights from around the world
3.  Case summaries for Nebraska (in progress)
4.  MUFON National and State News
5.  Science Center, e.g. how to use fractal analysis photographic tools


1.  Sky Report
2.  Field Investigator Training
3.  Field Investigator Case Review
4.  Projects, e.g. topic research and investigations from members

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