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Each week we explore and discuss sightings from around the world and talk about breaking news in science and other related fields.  Our mission is to look at the logical and rational science explanations of the UFO phenomenon.   

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2010 Fall Semester Show Archive

December 17, 2010 Episode
Hosts:  John Powers, Dave Pares, Kyle Finley
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass, Carrie Lacy, Seth Thompson
Run Time:  2:27:41
Topics Discussed: Steve recalls a feeling of melancholy following last week's show and cites the reason as a reaction to scientific materialist-based answers to posed questions; proposing a new white paper on the subject.  An hour long disagreement ensues on the definition of successful life forms.  John argues survivability, ranking humans lower.  Steve argues for the evolution of consciousness.  Dave disagrees with John's conclusions that open very little room for the possibility of bipedal ETs as suggested by many witnesses.  Steve reads Charles Tart's The Western Creed and the group performs a likert scale survey to end the discussion.  Hour two presents secondary analyses of EVP phenomena generated from the December 9 show.  The last segment discusses science news including:  arsenic and silicon based life forms, Cassini satellite's discovery of ice volcanoes on Titan, ice geysers on one of Jupiter's moons and huge eruptions from our Sun on August 1, 2010.
Questions Answered:  Who has a beef with the beet farmer?
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December 10, 2010 Episode
Hosts:  John Powers, Dave Pares, Kyle Finley
Guest:  "The Beet Farmer", "Crazy Cat Lady" and "Kool-aid man" aka Brady DeSanti
Run Time:  2:30:00
Topics Discussed: Recap and preliminary results of December 9 paranormal investigation into the death of Carolyn Nevins.  Questions submitted to two trained anthropologists:  8 foot anthropoids?; Nasca lines as runways?; bilateral symmetry in aliens?; alien sexuality and reproductive technologies?; interbreeding humans and alients?; human construction of pyramids in Egypt?; how to bridge the human/alien cultural divide?; what if aliens brought life itself?; Atlantis as a real civilization?; race of giant humans?; could the Loch Ness monster exist?  You must listen to hear these scientists answer these questions, but their responses include topics such as: archaeology, the Standing Man geoglyphs in Europe, how and why so few species on the earth are bipedal, screen memories, the sapir-whorf hypothesis, pansfermia and DNA, ocean vent life and USOs, the amorous astronaut hypothesis and the socket match problem, giant auroch cattle, and how two anthropologists got interested in their field of study.
Questions Answered:  Is there any legitimate line of discourse on the topic of UFOs from an anthropological point of view?
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  BONUS:  Don't miss the funniest dialogue of the show (10:54 to 11:37 in part 3 of this episode)Download Part 3
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December 9, 2010 Episode  (Special UNO Paranormal Society episode)
Hosts:  John Powers, Dave Pares, Kyle Finley
Guest:  "Karen"
Run Time:  2:19:37
Topics Discussed: 55th Anniversary of unsolved murder of Carol Nevins on the UNO campus on December 9, 1955.  Live field investigation using video and exploration of electronic voice phenomena recording.  Don't miss this groundbreaking episode featuring live questions asked of a potentially disembodied spirit, requests to pass through detection equipment, and a vivid description of a full bodied apparition.  We were deeply saddened, but profoundly moved by this first-ever live radio broadcast of a paranormal field investigation.
Questions Unanswered:  Who murdered Carolyn Nevins?  Can you help?
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December 4, 2010 Episode  (Special Saturday-only edition)
Hosts:  John Powers, Dave Pares, Kyle Finley
Guest:  Seth Thompson
Run Time:  1:45:15
Topics Discussed: 55th Anniversary of unsolved murder of Carol Nevins on the UNO campus on December 9, 1955.  Preview of upcoming field investigation using video and exploration of electronic voice phenomena recording.  Kyle's point papers on cosmic rays.  Michio Kaku will steal and copyright "space warp."  Great Lakes triangle; Dragon's triangle; underwater salvages.  Arsenic based life, arsenic consuming bacteria suggesting other forms of life are possible.  Silicon based life and microbial life of Mars.  NASA Mars Rover and need for 4' minimum drilling; Jupiter's moon Europa.  Cyborgs; live near ocean vents; toxoplasmic life and Dave's cats.  MIG21 wing design and exaggerated orbit in apogee and perigee of MIR space station are prime example of simplicity and elegance in design.  Flying wing as natural stealth capabilities and Dave's 4 way laser beam splitter using low energy cross dipoles to demonstrate micro space warp.  X37B space plane....it's back!
Questions Answered:  What is the meaning behind the new intro background music to the spooky action show?
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November 19, 2010 Episode

Hosts:  Dave Pares, John Powers, Steve Snodgrass, Kyle Finley
Guests:  Dr. Mark Rousseau, Professor of Sociology, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Run Time:  2:43:47
Topics Discussed: First time public airing of 13 minute cassette-recorded interview conducted by Dr. Mark Rousseau of his father and family members recounting a 58 year old craft sighting with multiple witnesses.  Recorded interview took place October, 1975.  Sighting occurred October 22, 1952 in Fort Wayne, IN.  Interview describes circular shiny object estimated to be from a distance, descending and remaining stationary for approximately 2-3 minutes before rapid movement out of sight.  Estimated at 20' in diameter observed from 300' away, immediately thereafter Dr. Rousseau's father uses slide rule to estimate velocity at 10k mph.  Slide rule uses on Apollo 13 missions to calculate gimbal conversions and SR71 high altitude aircraft on display at Strategic Air Command Museum in Ashland, NE.  Examination  of this unique recording and witness testimony using four perspectives of Integral UFOlogy Evaluation Method as developed by Steve Snodgrass (illustrated in white papers in the 'projects' page on this website.)  

Dr. Jack Kasher; John Titor; Dogon tribe in Africa and discovery of Sirius B star thousands of years before discovery by telescope.  Johnston Atoll remote US abandoned military station 700 miles south of Hawaiian islands; spacecraft landing, project Aurora? Department of Defense research on Spacewarp.   Dave Pares describes micro-spacewarp experiment underway and method to demonstrate the concept in a small-scale laboratory experiment.  Buddhism, enlightenment without residue?  Good luck Dave.
Questions Answered:  Would a Faraday cage contain a non-corporeal entity or ET?

November 12, 2010 Episode

Hosts:  Dave Pares, John Powers, Kyle Finley
Run Time:  1:38:38
Topics Discussed: Dave's weather forecasting technique using solar spots and activity as a basis.  Astral projection OBE experiment.  Formation of UNO Paranormal Society.  Death of Carol Nevins, an unsolved homicide on the UNO Campus December 9, 1955.  Professor Ian Morrison of London, intelligent life is possible on 1,000 planets.  Michio Kaku is now a meteorologist. Earth's dust trail as seen by Spitzer telescope.  UFOs around the world:  Ping Yao China, Portland, OR saucer shaped object on 9/11/2010, Winterset, IA silver orbs in formation on 9/24/2010, Chapel Hill, NC lights in the sky on 9/28/2010, disappearance of Qin Ling village in China located near a nuclear weapons facility.  Johnston Atoll evidence of activity.  Spooky Action telethon to raise funds ($8k) to pay for our own satellite to monitor and get to the bottom of this!  Interstellar clouds (fluff).  Voyager, Sputnik precursors to commercial space federation.
Questions Answered: How can your money can be spent on space exploration?

November 5, 2010 Episode

Hosts:  John Powers, Steve Snodgrass, Kyle Finley
Guests:  Carrie Lacy
Run Time:  2:00:00
Topics Discussed: Government defense against aliens; HAARP & Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory episode; CERN Hadron Collider; antimatter applications; nuclear weapons; attack their home world first.  Lady Gaga.  Lengthy discussion of John Titor time traveler from 2032; internal consistency of the story; corkscrew description of time travel.  J. Krishnamurti Indian sage metaphor of two ships on horizon.  Many worlds hypothesis; David Bohm implicate and explicate order; Laverne and Shirley milk in pepsi example.  Relationship to the story of John Foster regarding Omaha as spiritual and financial center of the new United States; Mormon Bridge; Titor's story with Omaha as new Capital City of US. UNIX; IBM5100; Mac vs PC.  L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology; origin of work and opposition to psychiatry.  Theories of psychology including BF Skinner, Freud, Cognitive Behavior Therapy.  Holism and holistic medicine.  Scientific materialism vs social constructivism.  Human response to ET arrival; President Dwight D. Eisenhower meeting in Palm Springs in 1952 with ET races.  Holism and internal consistency as general approach to evaluating UFO/ET evidence.
Questions Answered:  Would ET use a Mac or a PC?  

October 29, 2010 Episode
Hosts:  John Powers, Dave Pares, Kyle Finley
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass Greg Andersen
Very Special Guest:  Jason Cordova, Founder/Alumni Chair, Crypto Science Society, Metropolitan State College of Denver
                                http://metro.orgsync.com/org/cryptosciencesociety or metrostatecss@gmail.com
Run Time:  3:02:41
Topics Discussed: Preview of Halloween weekend of study group activities.  Luxor resort Hotel in LasVegas, identifying laser pointers as potential hazards to air traffic.  UNOUFOSG position:  Do not point lasers in the sky like C-SETI does.  Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Institute of Heart Math (IHM); biofeedback, neurofeedback; Galvanic Skin Response biofeedback systems; Global Coherence Initiative seeking to demonstrate human heart effect on Earth's magnetosphere.  Evidence of impact of collective human thought on Random Number Generators (RNGs) as revealed in public events like OJ Simpson verdict, Superbowls, Academy Awards.  Shirley Maclaine and 7.83 hz resonant frequency which matches human brain wave states of alpha meditation/relaxation; Tachyons an relationship to space warp; a "photon belt" alleged to have an impact on Earth's inhabitants.  Jason Cordova joins in as call in guest discussing formation of CryptoScience Society chapters; in-depth discussion of university-based UFO study groups; Alejandro Rojas and Open Mind radio and magazine.  La Nina and south pole melting as signs that Earth is at the peak of heat and heading toward the next ice age; veracity of global warming and climate change.  More Shirley Maclaine discussion regarding Zechariah Sitchin (RIP), Edgar Cayce and Atlantis.  NASA satellites, solar storms and the Moon; dangers of space travel and need for shielding from solar flares and radiation.  Apollo program.  UFO color analysis to determine type and function of craft.  Merkaba meditation; out of body experiences; psychometry; predicting weather patterns as metaphor for psi phenomena.  Charles Tart and Institute of Noetic Sciences; John Edwards, Psychich Suzanne and Sylvia Brown and the notion of "survival", life after death.
Questions Answered:  What proof would be suggestive of life after death?  Are extraterrestrials immortal?

October 22, 2010 Episode
Hosts:  John Powers, Dave Pares, Kyle Finley
Run Time:  1:30:55
Topics Discussed: Metro Area Paranormal Society (MAPS) demonstration at the UNO College of Arts and Sciences Building and Field House. Analysis of electronic voice phenomena (EVP) generated at a recent visit.  Announcing NEW CALL IN LINE for the radio show.  Call (402) 554-4927 during broadcast hours on Friday and begin your 15 minutes of fame by having your question answered or your story examined LIVE on the air!  Craig, NE sighting and analysis of object streaking at down angle splitting to three lights - strikingly similar to recent El Paso UFO sighting.  Discussion about New York "white balloon" UFOs.  White orbs or spheres over Omaha.  Gliese 581 red dwarf star and suspicious pulse of light; Nikola Tesla and signals from pulsars; Dave's Nobel Prize; SETI "wow! signal"; universal gravitational constant; distortion of spacetime.  Testing Einstein's theory with triangulated and translational lasers.  Michio Kaku and the feud he knows nothing about.  Extraterrestrial EVPs.  Tyrone from the Tyrone Show on UNO MavRadio calls in with a question - Bermuda Triangle TV documentaries.  Bombing the Moon and discovery of water with traces of hydrogen, mercury and silver - colonization using lava tubes as shelter.  Discovery of the oldest known galaxy (13.1 billion years old).  Parallel universes and evidence for them from CERN Large Hadron Collider; Robert Bigelow's private space modules.
Questions Answered:  What does the universe taste like?  What color is it?

October 15, 2010 Episode
Hosts:  John Powers, Dave Pares, Kyle Finley
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass and Brady DeSanti
Run Time:  1:28:24
Topics Discussed: The Bloop Show!  Hear strange sound recordings identified as unexplained by experts, some of whom suggest they may be evidence of large sea creatures twice the size of a blue whale.  Professor Pares picks out some radio astronomy sounds from his bag of tricks and the "spooky action" show takes a stab at how to understand, anyalyze and interpret unusual sound recordings.  WWII; cold war encrypted radio transmissions.  After the break, Steve and Kyle reveal they have attempted to phone home to ET, which is recognized by the group as a legitimate scientific endeavor to follow an injunction (a command) and see what the results might prove...by subjective experimentation.  Questions are answered about the economic, psychological and spiritual impact ET might have after landing.  Edward Leedskalnin's Coral Castle; energy vortices in Sedona and Boulder; Baghdad battery.  Steve channels Fred briefly and then Brady takes exception to the notion of stage development.  In an ongoing attempt to demonstrate his position that humanity has developed over time psychologically, culturally and physiologically, Steve fails to prove his point again.  The show ends with a discussion on the age of the Universe.
Questions Answered:  What would an alien sound like?  Can you hear one tonight on the radio?

October 8, 2010 Episode
Hosts:  John Powers, Dave Pares, Kyle Finley
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass and Fred Zewe
Run Time:  3:02:56
Topics Discussed: Bruce Burgess and Bruce Gernan and Dave Pares - discussion about network pitch of space warp UAV experiment as a TV series, demonstrating the concept of linear displacement. We are two inventions away from travel to the stars: space warp and a shielding mechanism.  Philadelphia Experiment, USS Eldridge top secret mission logs, green fog.  Great Lakes ship disappearances; Michio Kaku commentary; carrier wave frequencies; high speed communications faster than light speed; subspace communications; dilating shape fields in a warp bubble as UFO craft means of traversing space.  Remote viewing and entangled particles.  Transpersonal defined; Jean Piaget (sensorimotor-preoperational-concrete operational-formal operational thought); Abraham Maslow heirarchy of needs from self-actualization to self-transcendence; Don Beck and Spiral Dynamics; human, cultural and technological development; Integral Spirituality.  "interbreeding with crop circles"; synchronicities; thought forms; twin studies; precognition; consciousness and weather prediction are similar vastly complex structures.  Pre-trans Fallacy (psychosis and enlightenment look the same); social construction of reality; psychosis and delusions defined.  Near death experience; Out of body experience (NDE/OBE) as examples that the mind is more than the brain; Wilber-Combs matrix/lattice (states vs stages of consciousness); Galileo, Kepler, Copernicus; Feynman; Geocentrism as a phenomena of a culturally mythic worldview.  Lifeforms in Earths upper atmosphere; Cranfield Astrobiological Stratospheric Sampling Experiment (CASS-E); Saturn's moon Titan containing nucleotides, organic molecules.  Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) exoplanatary hunting.  Planet Maldek ripped by Jupiter to form asteroid belt.  "Intellectual academia riddles the mystical aspect of life and consciousness of oneness" - Fred Zewe.  Paramahansa Yogananda and why neither Dave nor John read books Fred likes.   Sigmund Freud as reductionist; Carl Jung as elevationist; two truths doctrine (ultimate vs manifest); M-theory and consciousness have similar paradoxical underpinnings.  And finally, Psychometry demonstration Part 2 by Fred Zewe, wherein Fred does an intuitive reading while holding a CD case.  Don't miss this!  You be the judge.
Questions Answered:    What will it look like when a UAV "space warps"?
                                   What happens when the two explorers of the interior (Steve and Fred) take over the show?
Download Part 6 featuring Fred Zewe psychometry demonstration

October 1, 2010 Episode
Hosts:  John Powers, Dave Pares, Kyle Finley
Guest:  Dr. Brady DeSanti, UNO Professor of Religion and Native American Studies
Late Arriving Guest:  Steve Snodgrass
Run Time:  3:03:16
Topics Discussed: Alien CND members - How to spot an alien.  Disclosure Project; Vladivostok craft photos; Northwich, UK video; Ministry of Defense (MOD).  Holy Bible UFO references in Ezekiel and Book of Exodus; apocalyptic literature.  Goldilocks planet 581; IBEX knot on the edge of our solar system; book God is Red; Native American UFO folklore; Anustasi; city of Tehoutican.  Plasma ball lightning.  Spooky Action's first weather report.  Beetfarmer e-mails again re:  UFO religions.  Spirit/alien channeling of Esther Hicks, Nancy Lieder; underground dwelling little grey aliens from Zeta Reticuli and an explanation for their appearance due to evolution.  Possible explanations for Bipedal appearance:  evolutionary development, mental projections and screen memories, alien clones designed not to scare us..(too much), or natural evolutionary development is similar.  Spiderlike aliens with manipulatory appendages in your bedroom.  Planetary evolution; Dreamcatcher movie.  Huntsville, Weber County, Utah gathering of Bigfoot enthusiasts; cryptozoology; Yeti; Cupacabra.  Descartes's cogito ergo sum better translated as "consciousness hence being"; Zen pointing out instructions; binary mathematics and elements on the periodic table.  Consciousness as such and binary mathematics are in common.  Starcraft video game; synchronicities and deja vu evidence for psychic entangled particles; bluebird school project of Steve's daughter; time travel.  Misquoting or misrepresentation of famous discoverers including Descartes, Einstein and Sigmund Freud interpreted according to cultural acceptance at the time.  Freud's "where id was there ego shall be" is better translated as "where it was, there I shall become."  Disclosure Project and disabling of nuclear weapons; Frosty the Snowman and the Loch Ness Monster.  Listen to this "best of" show now!
Questions Answered:  What two things must we have in common with Extraterrestrial visitors?

September 24, 2010 Episode
Hosts:  John Powers, Dave Pares, Kyle Finley, Carrie Lacy
Guest:  Dr. Brady DeSanti, UNO Professor of Religion and Native American Studies
Run Time:  1:36:51
Topics Discussed:  Response plans to ET first contact; speculation about the effect of ET presense on organized religions and their faithful.  Speciesism and anthropomorphised extraterrestrials...how will they behave?  What will they look like?  Humanity as a xenophobic, warlike species might make our civilization not worth contacting.  Would ET necessarily be bipedal, symmetrical with 2 hands, 2 legs, 2 ears, 2 brain hemispheres?  Speculation on our reaction to grotesque, totally alien beings vs those who might look more like a Care Bear (TM).  2001:  A Space Odyssey realism.  "Sufficiently advanced technology would be indistinguishable from magic."  Evidence from spirit channeling; 2012; eschatology and the book of Revelations; Mayan calendar 2.0; Omaha Offut AFB Stratcom staffing for 2012 similar to 1999-2000.  Vatican II's forward thinking; alien autopsy film analysis; organized religion and the supernatural; origins of comparative religious practices.  Suggested national holiday might result called "Contact Day".  Sleep states of consciousness as method of contact; sleep paralysis would be ideal.  The Fourth Kind movie.
Questions Answered:  What would be the effect of extraterrestrial presence on organized religions and their faithful?

September 17, 2010 Episode
Hosts:  John Powers, Dave Pares, Kyle Finley
Guest:  Ben Bohall, Omaha News
Run Time:  3:22:34
Topics Discussed:  Recap of Durham Science Center rooftop broadcast event, star gazing and UFO hunting night!  SETI, Seth Shostak, Lesley Kean UFO.  Skeptic's methodology, (or lack thereof):  James Oberg of Center for Skeptical Inquiry, Philip Klass's Skeptics UFO Newsletter, Bill Nye "the science guy"...debunking without doing research, or, arguments that arrive at the conclusion first, then disproving the hypothesis before it is proposed.  Sir Fred Hoyle, electromagnetism, the universe has no constant, matter comes from nothingness.  Boeing and Space Adventures teaming up, SpaceX Falcon 9, NASA's last shuttle crew, Russian resupply ship gets little notice.  District 9 the movie impressions, human migration patterns should aliens begin to populate the Earth.  Ben Bohall of Omaha News joins the discussion with a question, "Is there any topic or story too outrageous for the Spooky Action show to discuss or consider?  Discussion of Bob Lazar, Billy Meier's female alien photo, Gordon Cooper, Ronald Reagan.  Omaha sphere sightings, photography of UFOs, Shuttle STS48 and Dr. Jack Kasher, hurricane season predictions by Pares and Powers, meteorology, geology, plasma coloration of UFO craft is noteworthy.  Dave discusses his saucer sighting that inspired his work as a scientist at age 16.  Creating a University-based UFO organization and using all the tools available.
Questions Answered:  What would be the human migration patterns if ET were to inhabit the Earth?
Download Part 7  Last few seconds timed out recording.  Closing remarks is all you missed.

September 10, 2010 Episode
Hosts:  John Powers, Dave Pares, Kyle Finley, Steve Snodgrass
Special Guest:  Professor Ed Zendejas, JD.  UNO Professor of Native American Studies
Special Last Minute Guest:  Brady DeSanti, UNO Professor of Religion and Native American Studies
Run Time:  1:35:29
Topics Discussed: New call in line:  402-554-4927.  Secularism and UFOs, an epistemological comparison.  Indians and Aliens, a discussion of legal precedents:  doctrine of discovery, Johnson v Macintosh US Supreme Court case of 1821.  Johnson acquired property in 1775 from Piankeshaw Indian tribe, Macintosh acquired same property from US Government in 1821.  John Marshall and the Marshall trilogy regarding right to convey title, to the discoverer who plants a flag on "noncivilized" land.  Enlightened approach as "right to occupancy" resulting in trade for small piece of crappy land.  Dawes Act that broke up land and resulted in boarding schools to assimilate and indoctrinate Indians to the white way of life.  Richard Nixon as positive influence in 1970 with the Indian Self-Determination and Educational Assistance Act.  Application to alien occupation of the Earth in a notion of interplanetary galactic jurisprudence.  Will humanity have a "right to occupancy"?  Move plot line: Reenactment of the Marshall trilogy on Earth when Native Americans, in the face of global ET occupation, make a request to "take the white people, but give us back our land."  Zecharia Sitchin's Urantia Book as well as other UFOlogy lore would have Native Americans as the true, unaltered DNA inhabitants of planet Earth.  Read Professor Zendejas's new book Mascots that Honor Indians:  The Audacity of a Dope available at www.honorindians.com.
Questions Answered:  Is there a legal precedent for property rights if ETs were to claim ownership of planet Earth?
                                 Free Fry Bread or Alien Invasion:  Which would usher in unity and reconcilliation?

Special Download of "the Eddie Z" show"
(edited excerpts just of Professor Zendejas'  "Indians and Aliens" presentation on the 9-10-10 show)

September 3, 2010 Episode
Hosts:  John Powers, Dave Pares, Kyle Finley
Late Arriving Guest:  Steve Snodgrass
Run Time:  1:57:06
Topics Discussed:  Apology for background audio throughout the show...feedback from UStream broadcasting signal.  
Unprecedented praise and compliment to Michio Kaku by Professor Pares.  Lesley Kean's new book UFO's and upcoming book report.  Jeff Pechman Denver Alien Video and Pechman's forthcoming ET Commission 7-member panel.  Project Moondust, MJ12 and Foreign Technology Division (FTD) as shell game cover agency's to protect military intelligence secret projects.  NASAs X37B space plane and observed changed in orbit trajectory and altitude...fuel possibilities.  Solar storm prediction methodology.  Follow up on Archer City, TX photograph of 14-light "object" turns out to be Toshiba camera LED sensor camera artifact.  New, ginormous neutrino detector Super Kamiokande.  UNO UFO Study Group planning for live "last stand" broadcast atop Durham Science Center's observation deck ala Larry King at Area 51; self-congratulatory praise.  Ultraviolet space weather; space warp and Professor Pares the new Zephram Cochrane; nerdy-sounding Star Trek praise.  Upcoming John Foster tour of Omaha area UFO landing sites and time-travel experiences.  See www.fosterufos.com for the whole story or visit the projects section on this website for a guided tour with photographs and GPS coordiates.
Questions Answered:  What is UFO Geocaching?

August 27, 2010 Episode
Hosts:  John Powers, Dave Pares, Kyle Finley
Run Time:  2:15:30
Topics Discussed:  
Congratulations Kyle for passing the MUFON Field Investigator Examination.  Results of UFO Club Fair.  Apologies for the audio difficulty in UStream broadcasting...we're working on it.  Discussed Dr. Shostak SETI California and Alien Robots Among Us; Moore's Law in doubling of technology; UFOs over Archer City, TX taken by motion activated game camera depicting a row of lights in the sky with a deer in foreground. (Subsequent MUFON photoanalysis determined this was a Toshiba camera artifact).  Follow up on Lincoln, NE sightings.  Peter Davenport missle silo and UFO Reporting Center and Davenport's ideas about using passive radar detection for alien craft.  Dreamland movie screening September 11th in the Milo Bail Student Center.  Elon Musk space hotel; NASA's X37B space plane and stealth capability?  Bert Routan's Spaceship 1.  Gathering electricity from the air using silicon and aluminum phosphate as conversion materials.  Nikola Tesla's pioneering efforts 100 years ago.  How to use man made crystals to convert electricity to 120vAC waveform.
Questions Answered:  Where can you find megajoules of free electricity without paying an energy company?

August 20, 2010 Episode
Hosts:  John Powers, Steve Snodgrass
Run Time:  0:00:00
Topics Discussed:  Apologies....audio recording of this show failed so it was lost to the ether.  You missed a good one.  John and Steve in their "cat's away (Dave) the mice will play" episode took on challenging and ephemeral topics such as ayahuasca, pineal gland, the mind-body problem in philosophy, Rene Descartes, Plato's theory of forms, and physicist David Bohm's notion of implicate and explicate order.  Also a discussion of dimethyltryptamine (DMT) hallucinogenic "god molecule" and the work of Rick Strassman, MD discovering witness reports of UFO/ET encounters as well as near death experiences.  Neurologist JV Wallach's suggested implication that "waking reality is created in a similar way to altered states except that the normal state correlates with events in the "physical" world.  Thus waking reality can be thought of as a tightly regulated psychedelic experience and altered states arise when this regulation is loosened in some fasion"*.  Plus a discussion of consciousness and the symbolic and holographic nature of dreams including live in studio dream interpretation.  Will attempt to address these topics in a future show.  
* Endogenous hallucinogens as ligands of the trace amine receptors:  a possible role in sensory perception.  Medical Hypotheses.  July 27, 2008, Elsevier Ltd.
Questions Answered:  How is the unconscious structured like language and the dream state like a hologram?

August 13, 2010 Episode
Hosts:  John Powers, Dave Pares, Kyle Finley
Last Minute Guest:  Carrie Lacy
Run Time:  1:38:00
Topics Discussed:  
Bruce Burgess “Dreamland” free movie screening on September 11; Michio Kaku superheroes and theoretical robots; Global Hawk retrofitted NASA experimental idea to investigate lightning in hurricanes could provide possible data for space warp investigation; miniature black holes; Jupiter swallowing super earth-size planetary bodies in simulation.  Lengthy discussion of UNO UFO Study Group theoretical ideas on psychic entangled particles; brain research connecting neural tissue to computer chips; internet is better model for human memory; memory and thought are faster than neural connection activity.  David Bohm implicate and explicate order, duality of photons as corresponding waves then particles; phase oscillation of matter to allow for alteration of physical properties of matter and time travel.  Results of study group Project Delta (posted on this website).  LIVE ON AIR report of white pearl on W Dodge Road, Omaha, NE via e-mail. Tranquility ISS module modified for crew trip to asteroid belt; Magellanic cloud; Canadian artic rocks noting early chemical evolution on Earth; colonization of Mars in pre-existing lava tubes.  Eyewitness Carrie arrives to describe third sighting in two weeks.
Questions Answered:  What's Michio Kaku up to now?  Can humans walk through walls and travel in time?  How?

August 6, 2010 Episode
Hosts:  John Powers, Dave Pares, Kyle Finley
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass, Carrie Lacy
Run Time:  1:49:53
Topics Discussed:  Carrie's second sighting of orange triangular craft; Ancient Aliens and Bermuda Triangle connection; Welch Roswell debris; speed of sound is 747mph so take estimate of craft speed to gauge whether sonic boom should have occurred. Dave's hair; Giorgio Tsoukalos and History Channel Ancient Aliens - the series.  Steve Snodgrass announced as newly elected President of Omaha UFO Study Group - his platform and priorities.  Spitzer telescope; Antennae Galaxy collisions; Frugal aliens by Gregory Benford: microwave vs. radio means of signaling.  Elon Musk; Michio Kaku revisited...again.  MUFON Journal submissions by UNO UFO Study Group.  2012; Ashtar Command; Galactic Federation; light workers; levitation beams; Unarians; C-Seti and Dr. Stephen Greer's term Close Encounter of the 5th Kind.  White pearls, foo fighters in WWII; Nebraska Star Party at Merrit Reservoir.  Discussion of Commercial Space Flight Federation:  Armadillo Aerospace, Bigelow Aerospace; Blue Origin; Excaliber, Jacksonville Spaceport, Maston Space Systems, Mojave Spaceport, Sierra Nevada Corp, Space Florida, Southwest Research Institute, Space Adventures, Spaceport America, SpaceX, United Launch Alliance, X-Corp, X-Prize Foundation.  Saturn V; NASA; Apollo; Skylab.
Questions Answered:  What's in Dave Pares' garage?  Did Fred Zewe pass his field investigator test?  Who's going to own the universe?

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