Spring 2011 Spooky Action Radio (audio archive)

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Each week we explore and discuss sightings from around the world and talk about breaking news in science and other related fields.  Our mission is to look at the logical and rational science explanations of the UFO phenomenon.   

We will answer your e-mail questions on the air...live!

We are looking forward to our second year of radio shows!  New and exciting guests, favorite guests from previous episodes will return for a command performance and we are making new explorations into ESP and the Paranormal.

You may download episodes below in .mp3 format, but join us Friday nights for a LIVE on air discussion!

June 20, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, John Powers
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass, Tyone Pham
Run Time: 1:09:25
Topics Discussed: Japanese scientist creates meat from poop - space travel implications.  Rail guns and shielding.  On UFOs and psychogenic perception via mass hysteria.  FBI vault files and disclosure.  Child development and thoughts surrounding South African children who collectively saw the same craft. The Oz effect, being guided by an intelligence to behave in a certain way during an alien abduction.  Does this require language? Sound or light pulses, EMP?  Hypnosis, PTSD flashbacks as correlating ideas.  Primates, language, and whether they are susceptible to the Oz effect. Life, matter, consciousness, rats, cheese and psychologists.  Abrupt end of show prevents Steve from asking John whether there is a possibility that Billy Meier was telling the truth!
Questions Answered:  What is the "Oz Effect" and what could it explain?
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(NOTE:  Show ends as a result of tornado warning on campus)

June 13, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, John Powers
Guests:  Seth Thompson, Matt Judah
Run Time: 1:47:01
Topics Discussed:  NASA agent busts woman for selling counterfeit moon rock for $17 million at a Denny's restaurant.  Did they say "NASA agent?"  Hot Pockets sponsorship.  Living human cellular laser made with jellyfish material.  Kepler's 1,235 planets, some in habitable zone, studied in UC Berkley analysis.  Zeta Reticuli; SETI; lair of the beasts and men in black.
Questions Answered:  What is the role of NASA secret agents?  Men in Black?
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June 6, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, John Powers
Guests:  Matt Judah
Run Time: 1:17:48
Topics Discussed:  Kyle obtains his official MUFON field investigator credentials.  Genetics vs family tree in obtaining accurate geneology.  10/21/11 end of the world show planning and discussion.  Solar energy technology.  Subterranean alien extremophiles in gold mines and ocean beds.  Alien worm from Mars.  Extraterrestrial trees.  Viruses; mitochondria; life is matter that chooses.  Water in lunar interior, formation and origin of the Moon.  Star Trek movie; starship construction on moon base recommended.  Roswell Soviet plot
Questions Answered:  What is life and why is the Roswell Soviet plot problematic for UFOlogy?

May 23, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, John Powers
Guests:  None today!
Run Time: 1:36:48
Topics Discussed:  Alien Invasion film review.  Homo erectus; origin of the human species by John Powers.  Laziness as a survival mechanism.  Operation UFO apparently unsuccessful.  David Icke, reptilian illuminati, on being a professional conspiracy theorist.  Scientology and UFOs.  Congressional UFO hearings; lifting the veil of ridicule on UFOlogy?  Abductions as salvage ethnography.  Hand picked celebrities with open invitation to discuss UFOs on "Spooky Action":  Howard Stern, Robin Quivers, Michio Kaku, Stephen Hawking, Bill Nye.  Stargate TV series.  Large Hadron collider CERN sparks interesting conversation about John Titor, time travel and Kyle's steadfast defense of a single universe and a single dimension.  8086 processors, robotics and John Titor.  International Space Station and decalcifying in space.
Questions Answered:  What is the process of selecting celebrity guests on the show?

Hosts:  Kyle Finley, John Powers
Guests:  None today!
Run Time:
Topics Discussed:  Submit inquiry in the 'contact us' page of this website.  John Powers played DJ all afternoon in preparation for the apocalypse which never came, never went, and drifted quietly....until October anyway.

May 16, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, John Powers
Guests:  None today!
Run Time: 1:40:10
Topics Discussed:  Kyle is assigned 2 MUFON cases, but remains "uncertified" on the MUFON website.  Russian alien is chicken stuffed with bread.  Marc D'Antonio, MUFON photoanalyst, concludes Jerusalem UFO is a fake.  Extraterrestrial boat looks for life on Titan.  Rogue planets are haven for life.  Living on a brown dwarf and tour of the planets in our solar system.  Characteristics of Jupiter and black holes.  Big Bang vs steady state theories. String theory and Kyle's solution to solve the dark energy problem.  Hypnotic regression.  John Lear flyover of Area 51 with Bob Lazar and the weird corners of UFOlogy.
Questions Answered:  What is Kyle's solution to the dark energy/dark matter problem.  Hint: think string and m-theories.

May 9, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, John Powers
Guests:  Matt Judah
Run Time: 1:56:14
Topics Discussed:  Bill Nye is a tool, but only regarding UFOlogy. Hitler ordered Nazi UFOs.  SpaceX private space faring corporation taking a trip to Mars using Falcon heavy rocket.  NASA's space shuttle program.  Space Law degrees; SETI suspended and de-funding. Kenouak (sp?) man.  Defining race vs morphology differences; sociology and anthropology.  Water flouridation conspiracy theory.  Glass ceiling in politics.  Love of Taco Bell; prostitutes and pimps at Perkins restaurant.  Genetic drift and little grey aliens; interbreeding; star child and star children.  Bacteria survives hypergravity suggesting life from a comet.  Occam's razor.  Iron traces in a meteor signfify life on Mars from a 1996 antarctic meteorite.
Questions Answered:  What can sociology and anthropology tell us about ET?

April 29, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, John Powers
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass, "Karen"
Run Time: 2:04:31
Topics Discussed:  Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Lenny and Squiggy, Dukes of Hazzard - Galaxy Quest film screening preview.  Description of the Pares Portal ghost hunting apparatus (ion drive powered by 100k volt Tesla coil).  Vault.fbi.gov website of UFO documents.  Proof of government cover up or at least that US Government has more information than they have released.  Dr. Jack Kasher's identified memo to J. Edgar Hoover regarding 3 craft with 3 alien occupants each; General Schlugen memo to the FBI for assistance in interrogating witnesses regarding downed saucers.  Constitutes "disclosure."  Michio Kaku, DeGrasse, Bill Nye and Captain Kangaroo's Bob Keeshan, and Fred Rogers are discussed relative to trustworthiness.  Defunding of SETI, quantum entanglement, quadular entangled particles, as communication methods...live on-air highlighting of the word "instantaneous."  Kyle is a fundamentalist student of physics.  Arthur Fonzarelli (the Fonz) jumps the shark.  Future of humanity as cyborg mechanical augmentation vs advancement in ET civilizations; limitations of human prejudice.  John Nash and the prisoner's dilemma.  Gender difference is clothing preferences.
Questions Answered:  LIVE ON AIR UFO Disclosure..what's the proof?
                                What will humanity be like 10,000 years from now without technology?

April 22, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, John Powers, Matt Judah
Guests:  Patrick "The Caller" first appearance
Run Time: 2:43:53
Topics Discussed:  Ohio abduction by lizard being accompanied by lighted craft.  Lesley Kean, Edgar Mitchell on UFO coverup and disclosure.  HW Bush as the key individual with knowledge.  Skynet Day (4/19/11) the day when the robots became self-aware and nuclear devastation began.  Patrick "The Caller" shares ideas on disclosure.  UNO Paranormal Society's EVP captures.  Killer robots in unmanned military apparatus; policies on acceptable machine behavior.  Computer code transformation to self-aware consciousness.  Irish astronomer's new UFO tracking method Optical SETI or O-Seti.  Dan Aykrord Unplugged.  Martha's Vineyard UFOs.  Jason McClellan astronomy professor of physics discussed aliens in class.  ET ancient stones, monoliths, slave species of God.  Research hoping to prove life could evolve on planets near a black hole.
Questions Answered:  What are EBE's and how to we measure them?

April 15, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  John Powers, Kyle Finley
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass
Run Time: 1:48:02
Topics Discussed:  30 seconds of "the kyle and steve show."  Fred Rogers and the value of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.  Land of Make Believe, Lady Elaine Fairchild, Ex the owl, Jaques Lacan and Sigmund Freud psychoanalytic interpretation of the unconscious.  Matter is life that chooses.  Consciousness is life that has memory.  Matter to life to consciousness, what is the nature of time?  Relative/functional time and the illusory timelessness of consciousness.  Proving string theory (10 dimensions) and m-theory (11 dimensions).  Large Hadron Collider, Michio Kaku and Einstein, 4 known forces, Kyle's constant K=taxes, "Powers" new measurement quantum.  During the break Steve realizes he hasn't paid his taxes.  Why does he feel anxious?  Is it bad not to pay your taxes?  Why?  Meyer vs Nebraska US Supreme Court case addresses compulsory education and police powers of states.  Sigmund Freud and the witty butcher's wife dream.  The value of education; large vs one-room schoolhouse teaching.  The value of psychology in providing clarity of thought.  Anonymous call in guest shares images and story line of a recurring dream; Steve describes a method for interpretation.
Questions Answered:  What is time?  What is the value of psychology?  How do you know if you've interpreted a dream correctly?

April 8, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  John Powers, Kyle Finley
Guests:  None tonight!
Run Time: 1:47:43
Topics Discussed:  UFO Symposium press coverage including Howard Stern Show "the news with Robin [Quivers]" feature segment on the UNO UFO Symposium.  (Click here to listen to the entire audio clip) Michio Kaku and terraforming Mars..cheap.  Why is Mars red?  Has it always been that way?  Sixteen famous people who believe in UFOs.  Reasons why ETs would visit the Earth.  Would they be benevolent or malevolent?  MUFON Star Team.  9/11 conspiracy discussion; government shutdown threats; politics, politics, politics.
Questions Answered:  Who are 16 famous people who believe in UFOs?  The names might surprise you.

April 1, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Dave Pares, Kyle Finley, Matt Judah
Call in Guests:  John Powers, Alex Thomas
Run Time:  1:51:54
Topics Discussed:  Preview of 2nd Annual UNO UFO Symposium, speakers, topics and bios.  Nebraska triangle sighting. New space warp evidentiary case off coast of Japan.  Arthur Godfrey's flight from Anchorage to Toyko.  Lafayette, CO red lights on March 20, 2011, near Longmont appears to be candle hot air balloon according to Boulder Daily.  Asuego, NY ball of fire with military aircraft on March 11, 2011 according to Chicago Sun Times.  Massachusetts triangle with audible hums and blinking lights on March 2, 2011.  Battle of LA movie.  1965 paper boy photo.   John's cross cultural examination of Native American little people.  Dartmouth bridge, UK sightings and surge of ghosts and UFOs including the "dorito UFO."  Evolution of UFO craft technology.  Alex Thomas' Omaha sighting of light moving at fast speed and turning at 90 degree angles which took place 7 years ago at approximately 144th and Maple St.  University South Hampton balloon born mobile electronic payload.
Questions Answered:  Where can you hear local and regional experts talk on UFO topics?

March 25, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  John Powers
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass, Matt Judah
Run Time:  
Topics Discussed:  New intro!  Psychoanalyst Jaques Lacan and analysis of the film Lars and the Real Girl.  Sigmund Freud id, ego, superego vs Lacan's imaginary, symbolic and the real.  Star Trek TNG; Wesley Crusher's warp bubble.  David Bohm theoretical phycisist's conception of implicate and explicate orders described as similar to Plato's theory of forms.  "Waking reality can be thought of as a tightly regulated psychedelic experience." - JV Wallach.  Karl Pribram's holonomic brain theory.  Application to J Allen Hynek's Bloecher ET subtypes.  Close encounters of the 1st through 7th kind.  John's argument that human/alien hybridization is not possible.  Hypnosis, delusions, delusional disorders, memory alteration; what is "real."  Cosmology according to Steve involving three states of consciousness' correspondence to Bohm's implicate/explicate order, Pribram's holonomic brain theory and Lacan's notion of the real unconscious vs the transferential unconscious.  Pass bis process in modern Lacanian work.  Matt temporarily understands what Steve is saying and Dr. DeSanti calls in at the last minute to discuss Franz Boas and the history of anthropology, spurring a conversation about institutional racism in ancient alien theory and the essential disagreement between Freud and Jung.
Questions Answered:  What do psychoanalysis, your sleep cycle and quantum physics have in common?

March 18, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  John Powers, Kyle Finley
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass, Matt Judah
Run Time:  1:33:38
Topics Discussed:  Steve's precognitive gambling study.  Convenience sampling in UFO research on www.aliennight.com.  Drake equation revisited; ETs and visitation probability.  Postmodernism defined. Pluto, Kuiper belt, Neptune, Venus characteristics.  Global warming vs ice age?  Holistic medicine and the collaborative relationship; Moxibustion; Atlantis discovered by Richard Freund in southern Spain.  Unfortunate audio time-out yet again, causing you to miss a lengthy discussion of temporal causation, time travel and prophecy:  iridology, astrology, numerology, runes, tarot cards, face reading, acupuncture, palm reading and live demonstration of I-Ching fortune telling
Questions Answered:  What does postmodernism have to do with UFOs and ETs?

March 11, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  John Powers, Kyle Finley
Guests:  Call in guest Carrie Lacy
Run Time:  2:13:16
Topics Discussed:  Carrie's vanity plate and natural selection theory of scooter/motorcycle ownership.  Macaques monkey demonstrated self-awareness; application to as signs of intelligence in alien life.  Intelligence, according to this study, is based on a monkey's ability to demonstrate laziness.  Light sensitive cone cells (RGB) and application to artificial intelligence - the "efficient coding hypothesis" - development of color and stereoscopic vision. ETs on Facebook?  Evolution of consciousness and when did self-awareness emerge; John's rat in a Skinner box from psychology lab.  First contact by prime or fibonacci number sequences.  The technological singularity (humans to cyborgs).  Japan earthquake and tsumani.  Library at Alexandria; HAARP; Nibiru; 2012; chemtrails; Edmunds UFO detector.  Upcoming supermoon; string theory and MIchio Kaku; robots as first contact and Brazilian spider venom demonstrates similar effects in humans as Viagra.
Questions Answered:  Monkeys, dolphins, elephants, humans..how to determine if they have self-awareness?

March 4, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  John Powers, Kyle Finley, Carrie Lacy
Guests:  Seth Thompson
Run Time:  0:32:27
Topics Discussed:  UFO Tech - tractor beam development in China.  Jason Cordova calls in with an update of the 2011 International UFO Congress Conference and the following speakers:  John Alexander, Dan Burch, Nick Pope, Stanton Friedman, Linda Moulton-Howe and a discussion of Jim Marrs remove viewing and Soviet mind control.  Sorry, audio recording software timed out in the middle of this show
Questions Answered:  What's it like to attend a UFO conference?

February 18, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Dave Pares, John Powers, Kyle Finley
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass, Seth Thompson
Run Time:  2:37:03
Topics Discussed:  Virgin Galactic CEO visits UNO to talk about SpaceShip2.  Influence of Omaha native Bruce Lee.  Our recommendations for photographic equipment for passengers to bring to return with UFO evidence.  John sandbags Dave with a comment he made in a previous show which incites the most heated conflict ever on Spooky Action, certain not to end anytime soon.  Social vs hard sciences; Looney Tunes; western Nebraska panhandle sighting reports from FE Warren AFB missile silos.  Seth's Christopher Walken impersonations.  Kepler planets.  Dolphin communication as closest parallel to ET communication.  Jane Goodall chimp studies; Jean Piaget developmental stages; language and communication ideas as basis.  Shermer case in Ashland, NE "watchman."  What is it like to be a bat; philosophy of mind application to ghosts and spirits.  Steve's favorite conspiracy theory outlined in 5 parts:  DMT studies; role/function of the pineal gland; water flouridation.  Michio Kaku; Jerusalem UFO video; Presidential UFO/ET inquiries and experiences; John McCain Phoenix lights; Jackie Gleason; still unexplained "white pearls" or "foo fighters."
Questions Answered:  What human being alive today most certainly knows everything about what the US Government knows about UFOs/ETs?

February 11, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Dave Pares, John Powers, Kyle Finley
Run Time:  2:42:18
Topics Discussed:  Network programming update; preview of Quantum State radio show and 2nd Annual UNO UFO Symposium April 2nd, 2011.  Jerusalem temple of the rock YouTube video analyses.  Dave's Omaha sighting; cyberhugs via sensor equipment.  Benjamin Radford report - debunking the debunkers illogic.  Amazing James Randi homeopathic medicine challenge.  ISS cargo transfer using Liberty Rocket.  Weather satellite fixes; innovative space initiatives; STS demo killer satellites; Minotaur rocket.  Russian ice core records; global warming; results of Dave and John's hurricane predictions.  International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER); refueling fusion reactors.  Personhood of ghosts or sources of EVPs; capturing intelligent haunts with an MK-2 meter.  Multiverses; cosmology; Brian Green and Michio Kaku.  Star Trek vs Star Wars.  Car size asteroid 2001CA7; tracking asteroids of large mass; Apophos 200 yd asteroid.
Questions Answered:  How many out of 4 Jerusalem UFO videos are looking pretty good?  How many are hoaxed?

February 4, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Dave Pares, John Powers, Kyle Finley
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass, Brady DeSanti, Seth Thompson
Run Time:  2:34:58
Topics Discussed:  32 years combined college education in the studio today.  Battlefield LA movie; Hollywood's malevolent aliens; Sacred Space movie; Religions' reaction to ET contact.  Human mutilations and the FBI.  Space junk removal strategies including Japanese net and a space fence.  Reptilians?  Kepler 11 discovery of exoplanets with M-class atmospheres updating the Drake Equation.  Stealth technology from squids.  Using destructive interference of photons for invisibility.  In vitro growing of meat for animal protein.  Modern forms of alchemy suggest Star Trek replicator within reach.  Electricity from ice lattices (snow).  Top 12 scientific discoveries that suggest humanity could beat ET in the space race.  Kola super deep bore hole in Russia reveals H2O as potential fuel source and primal element in formation of all elements as core nucleus.  Book of Genesis creation account.  Art history from 2D to 3D perspective suggestive of development in consciousness, if not in brain structure.  Dialectic of progress in weaponry where advancement, necessitated by a problem spins off a solution, which creates its own problems and pathologies.  Cultural evolution is a teleological argument?  Steve thinks not.
Questions Answered:  How are humans going to beat ET to their home world before they get here?
                                 What is the nature of the universe, according to John?

Our attempt at a 1st Anniversary and 40th Episode Celebration

January 28, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Dave Pares, John Powers, Kyle Finley
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass, Seth Thompson
Run Time:  2:35:47
Topics Discussed:  First Anniversary and 40th show celebration.  Countries who have visited this website.  Jason Cordova from Cryptoscience Society joins to celebrate; mad science fair; funding university-based UFO clubs; Bigfoot Blood?  ET impact in religion discussion; multi Jesuses; ET solves problems via ancient alien theory; magical thinking stages of cognitive development. Quantum entanglement across time and space; quantum teleportation of a photon.  MUFON's Clifford Clift and HAARP theory of bird deaths.  What could cause blunt force trauma attributed to Arkansas blackbird deaths.  Fish deaths in Colombia attributed to UFO.  Quantum navigation of birds using Earth's magnetic field.  Dowsing for water as human equivalent.  Cesium clock time; Edward Leedskalnin's Coral Caste.  Russian resupply ship replacing spacesuit SAT; amateur radio satellites.  Wikilleaks release of November 9, 2005 US State Department memo to US Embassy in Kiev reminding staff not to discuss UFO craft entering Earth's atmosphere.  Freedom of information act (FOIA); Kazahkstan Olympus camera takes image of UFO craft from a Boeing 747.  Roswell memory metal and i-beam.  Free move screening February 5, 2011 with discussion afterward.  Art Bell's alien threat scenario.  First resolution of the UNO UFO Study Group.
Questions Answered:  Why are camera shots and video of alien craft so rare?  How do you celebrate a UFO show anniversary?

Dave attempting Psi (telekinetic) demonstration of the late Martin Caidin.

January 21, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Dave Pares, John Powers, Kyle Finley
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass, Seth Thompson
Run Time:  2:41:50
Topics Discussed:  Announcing premiere of "On the Fringe" UNO Paranormal Radio Show Monday, January 24, 2011 from 5-7pm. Check out the UNO Paranormal Society (UNOPS) web portal and stay tuned for broadcast .mp3 file archives.  New white paper by member Steve Snodgrass "The Case of John Foster: A Preliminary Evaluation using the Principles of Integral UFOlogy, Part II" which recounts one of John Foster's cases at Dillon Lake, Colorado in 1952.  Gauss, trifield, MK-2 meters, what do they measure and how are they used to track ghostly entities.  Massachusetts General study showing how meditation changes physical structures in the brain; implications on the mind-body problem in philosophy; neurofeedback and biofeedback.  EAS interruption...sorry.  Mutual Assured Destruction; China military, time travel, remote viewing.  Martin Caidin psi demonstration vs Amazing Randi debunker.  Dean Radin evidence of psychic phenonema. Ames Research Center "Robonaut" on Shuttle Discovery; Delta 4 Heavy Rocket Launcher; Vandenburg satellite.  LIVE telekinesis demonstration attempt!  (Apologies for lack of verbal description - look for posts on video page.)  MUFON, Nebraska's storied history of UFOs.  Propulsion, electromagnetic shielding, and atmospheric planetary braking.
Questions Answered:  What three things would UFO craft need to visit planet Earth?

January 14, 2011 Episode
Seth Thompson in Studio

Hosts:  Dave Pares, John Powers, Kyle Finley
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass
Special Guests:  UNO Paranormal Radio Show Hosts:  Seth Thompson, Tyrone Pham, and "Matt"
Run Time:  2:43:53
Topics Discussed: Groundbreaking announcements of naturally occurring antimatter and Pope Benedict's sermon on the day of Epiphany.  FERMI space telescope discovers positrons; evidence of naturally occurring antimatter; implications for space travel, linear displacement and space warp, and one less source of potential evidence for ancient alien theory.  Sex in space, risks and benefits.  Introduction of hosts for the upcoming January 31st debut of the yet to be named UNO Paranormal Radio show.  Past lives; psychonautics; biofeedback; neurofeedback; ghost haunting and EVP capture; ESP and parapsychology.  Darwinian evolution of ETs and the Drake Equation.  Heated throwdown debate between John and Steve on natural selection as the only mechanism for evolution vs progress and purpose and emergence.  Click here for a PDF of the Facebook discussion between John and Steve.  Pope Benedict's groundbreaking statement accepting evolutionary theory, the Book of Genesis as an allegory and a Universe based on the creativity of God.  Segue to Dave's microwave experiments creating plasma with pine wood planks (not recommended at home.)  Live EVP analysis of recording segment made on December 9 episode in an attempt to shed light on the unsolved murder on the UNO campus of Carolyn Nevins in 1955.
Questions Answered:  What does the debate on the mechanisms behind evolution have on the appearance of ETs?

The not-so-hi-tech sound board in the KVNO studio, and a look at some of the computers we use.

January 7, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Dave Pares, John Powers, Kyle Finley
Guests:  Seth Thompson
Run Time:  1:47:26
Topics Discussed:  Mass deaths of Delaware fish and Swedish birds.  Project HAARP Alaska; weather modification; pole shifts on the Earth and Sun.  Chemtrail discussion; MKULTRA application; Tuskegee experiment. Magnetic storms and solar surface disruptions impact on the Earth.  Dave's 1/9/11 appearance on California Haunts Radio discussing the Bermuda Triangle.  France UFO flap in the village of Bugarach, France and preparation for alien encounter near the Pic de Burgarach.  Argentina UFO Commission.  Reprisal of discussion regarding bipedal aliens and evolution by natural selection only which creates a mechanistic worldview defined by species' survival.  Dave disagrees and Steve is not there to defend progress and purpose and evolution.  Disclosure project and colonizing Mars.
Questions Answered:  What can a military pilot disclose after their retirement?

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