Summer 2011 Spooky Action Radio (audio archive)

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Each week we explore and discuss sightings from around the world and talk about breaking news in science and other related fields.  Our mission is to look at the logical and rational science explanations of the UFO phenomenon.   

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We are looking forward to our second year of radio shows!  New and exciting guests, favorite guests from previous episodes will return for a command performance and we are making new explorations into ESP and the Paranormal.

You may download episodes below in .mp3 format, but join us Friday nights for a LIVE on air discussion!

August 1, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, John Powers
Run Time: 1:46:41
Topics Discussed: Science radio international programming notes.  UNOPS ghost hunting update and youtube link.  Coast 2 Coast AM; shadow people.  Limits of science.  Parallels between paranormal activity and global weather prediction and understanding.  Ancient Aliens series.  Michio Kaku the "leading man of science."  UFO stigma.  Religious interpretations of UFOs.  Alien species and government conspiracy; abductions. Altered States of Consciousness (ASCs); hypnosis, trance states, highway hypnosis.  Area 51 ghosts?
Questions Answered:  Why do human beings have altered states of consciousness and how ET might use them?

July 25, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, John Powers
Run Time: 1:29:00
Topics Discussed:  Zombies.  Ghost hunters.  10 things to do if you see a UFO.  What to do if you encounter an extraterrestrial.  First contact study vis a vis Colubus, Cortez.  ET's offering candy?  DARPA 100 year spaceship program. Alien monkey causes unrest in China. Space travel for the masses.
Questions Answered:  What are UFO enthusiasts really like?

July 18, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Dave Pares, Kyle Finley, Matt Judah
Run Time: 1:34:10
Topics Discussed: UFO case review culled from recent MUFON reports.  9Jul Delaware red sphere; 20Jun Colorado bad photoshop attempt; orange lights, green streaks, bright lights, blah blah blah.  Importance of multiple witnesses.  Case#29662 "invisible green orbs".  July MUFON journal questions and the saga of Kyle's investigative credentials.  Eureka Springs conference.  Disclosure, Bill Clinton and Area 51 as well as reverse engineering of alien technology.
Questions Answered:  What should technology look like if the US had recovered alien craft in the 1940s?

July 11, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, John Powers
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass, Matt Judah
Run Time:  2:07:05
Topics Discussed: Continuing critical analysis of On The Fringe radio show; sheepsquatch; John's study of little people.  Subjectivity and spirit channeling.  Ivan Pavlov and behaviorism and psychoanalysis in psychology.  John's view of biological determinism defining species' success.  Complexity vs survival vs dominance.  Ethical dilemma of the lifeboat to establish a definition of success.  Steve's view of an ethical system that includes depth and span vs simple numbers.  How would ET make ethical decisions like this.  A list of alien species:  Tall Whites, Greys, Nordics, Reptilians, Annunaki, Andromedans, Ashtar Command, Insectoids, Oranges.  Spirit channeling and the work of Nancy Leeder.  John's grey theory as that of biological robots to avoid problems with saphir worf hypothesis.  Ed Leedskalnin and .Secret of the Universe YouTube video
Questions Answered:  How would ET make ethical judgments?
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June 27, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, John Powers
Guests:  None needed!
Run Time:  2:21:16
Topics Discussed: John's new MUFON case - sounds like a Chinese lantern.  Quantum entanglement cannot be explained by classical physics leads to discussion about John's golf league and his opinions on shutting down SETI and the Allen Telescope Array.  John's distaste for the field of psychology and his philosophy of biological determinism leads to discussion of population growth, agriculture, cows and public policy - debated with Kyle.  Simulating Mars environment in Utah; Department of Defense, DIA, CIA, NSA, cyberterrorism; secrety government files on creates live facebook discussion with Steve Ash of the UK who agrees to discuss on the next show.
Questions Answered:  Can Kyle hold is own in a debate with John?

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