Fall 2012 Spooky Action Radio (audio archive)

Each week we explore and discuss sightings from around the world and talk about breaking news in science and other related fields.  Our mission is to look at the logical and rational science explanations of the UFO phenomenon.   

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We are looking forward to our second year of radio shows!  New and exciting guests, favorite guests from previous episodes will return for a command performance and we are branching o into ESP and the Paranormal.

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November 30, 2012
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, John Powers
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass
Runtime: 3:28:0758:42
Topics Discussed: Rupert Sheldrake's morphic resonance.  Gerbil experiment in the design phase - to test for electromagnetic signals from a biological life form upon death, held and measured in a double faraday cage.  This is a joke by the way - only a thought experiment.  Speed of thought and caterpillar memory from one larva to the next.  Changes in physical constants like the speed of light, gravitational constant and Planck's constant.  Velocity of light assumed to be 21 miles per second from 1923-1945.  Planck's constant is increasing slightly from 1951-1983.  Assumption that reality is fixed colors experimental data via group think.  Gravity and magnetism and the 10 dogmata of materialistic science.  Steve suggests holding just enough assumptions to get around in the world but no more, especially in regard to life's big questions.  Circumstantial evidence for the UFO/ET hypothesis; Steve goes after the UNO Secular Student Alliance.  Healthy skepticism.  Government conspiracy and Admiral Lord Hill Norton - either way the idea UFOs are not a national security threat is untenable if 1) they actually disrupted a military base, or 2) if it wasn't UFOs and the base was still disrupted by claims of UFOs.  Minot missile scare.  Preview of the upcoming end of the world show on 12-21-2012.  Music choices and rolling time zones.  Jacky Kozan elected French national president of MUFON.  Premiere of Steve's new powerpoint presentation:  The UFO/ET Hypothesis:  Pseudoscience or Plausible?

November 16, 2012
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, Matt Judah, John Powers
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass
Runtime: 3:28:07
Topics Discussed: Free condoms but no clothing donations at the Milo Bail Student Center.  What is a tripole antenna?  Dave's new microwarp powerpoint.  The last of Buckyballs and the CPSC.  Hameroff and Penrose ORCH-OR model of consciousness.  Steve's pimple metaphor for life and healing.  Steve's dream of celery stalk-like plants growing out of his neck - interpreted in studio.  John's formulation of a sociological white paper on stigma and UFOs - comparison to religions.  Jacques Vallee's 5 arguments against common extraterrestrial hypotheses (ETH: surveying and sampling overdone, better way to get human samples, not a contemporary phenomenon only, technology not advanced - it keeps with time frame of reporter, bilateral symmetry and anatomically similar.  The end of ufology in the UK.  Jack Kasher - science vs new age.  A minimalist ETH: drake equation, carbon, extremophiles, emergence of conscious experience, distance doesn't matter with entanglement, psi reports and metanalysis, 5% reports unexplained yet government reports they pose no threat.  Gerbil soul experimental design with faraday cage upon execution.  Vallee's anatomically similar refutation discussed in depth.  Decline of UFOlogy, birth of modern philosophy...or not.  Hameroff and Penrose quantum consciousness and Sheldrake's morphic fields. Nature of conscious experience, mechanism of storage, don't need human beings.  Bell's theorem.  Extended argument over directionality in evolution.  Near death experiences, EVPs, C-SETI and meditative states of awareness.  Whew!

November 9, 2012
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, Matt Judah, John Powers
Runtime: 1:32:19
Topics Discussed:  Anime vs feminism.  UFO war in Antarctica.  Steven Greer.  Terrans, reptilians UFOS disintegrating. Are aliens real? (Evidence on military computers).  Psychic Andy bio and 70s porn.  Doppler Pete joins the psychic online network.  Mars curiosity back to earth?  Silas Bean in Bonn, Germany - computer simulated reality is reality - simulating a patch of the universe in a 3D grid with proton sized cells.  Call in guest Kelly Kennedy.  Mayhem ensues discussing psychic Andy R and Doppler Pete.

November 2, 2012
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, Matt Judah, John Powers
Guests:  Kelly Kennedy and Carl Norgard from PRISM and Steve Snodgrass
Runtime: 1:45:31
Topics Discussed: Kelly Kennedy and Carl Norgard from PRISM (Paranormal Research and Investigative Studies Midwest) are special guests interviewed in only the way the Spooky Action crew knows how.  Topics of discussion include:  growing up paranormal, black angel of Council Bluffs, Dodge House of Council Bluffs; what are ghosts? Villisca House in Iowa.  Evidence of the paranormal via direct experience.  Jefferson County, Nebraska UFO sightings.  Theorizing the difference between intelligent haunts and residual haunts.  Triggers for residual haunts vs responses in intelligent haunts.  EVPs, transcommunication, life after death, the work of the Association for Transcommunication.  Presence vs absence of sensitives, male vs female, prediction of what sensitives will experience, psychics vs sensitives.  Px box vs Ovilus detector.  Kirlian photography, morphogenetic fields, phantom limbs.  Gettysburg haunts.  Psychic Andy.  Demonic case in Omaha, characteristics of dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality).  Jaques Lacan and the real, symbolic and imaginary.  Application of demonic possession to spirit channelling. Explanatory power of Rupert Sheldrake's concept of morphogenetic fields - memories have imprints in physical space, as does conscious experience of living things.

October 26, 2012
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, Matt Judah, John Powers
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass
Runtime: 2:51:54
Topics Discussed: Ancient Aliens The Series debunked.  Kentucky UFOs spotted every Thursday at 9pm.  Russians spot Borg cube.  Dyson sphere - how does it work, what does it look like, how would we detect one.  Freeman Dyson vs Michael Eric Dyson vs Neil DeGrasse Tyson vs Mike Tyson.  Would ET want to be detected?  Stephen Hawking and Michio Kaku.  Discussion of soul mates, Kuiper belt object Pluto.  Extended discussion of Ancient Aliens-The Series.  How best to debunk it?  Options include showing the online move Ancient Aliens Debunked by Chris White it at a UFO study group meeting, MUFON meeting to demonstrate abductive reasoning and parsimony.  Or, take the series through Aristotle's list of material fallacies one by one and show how conclusions are reached using logical fallacies.  How to run a UFO study group meeting in keeping with the mission of MUFON:  studying the UFO phenomenon with science for the benefit of humanity.  This involves treating all interested parties with dignity and respect.

October 5, 2012
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, Matt Judah, Dave Pares
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass, Seth Thompson
Runtime: 1:37:06
Topics Discussed: This episode blends the end of the Quantum State Radio show, with the conclusion of a discussion about light saber construction, gatlin laser guns, and body suit exoskeletons.  Plasma guns, plasma grenades and making plasma in a microwave oven.  Non-lethal weapons discussed as potential for Star Trek phaser multicapabilities.  Microwarp experiment problems with French TV crew.  Weaponizing rats with C-4 in fiction compared to actual weaponization of bats and pigeons in WWII. McDonald's Bombs and Taco Bombs as more effective means of destruction.  Eastern mystic J. Krishnamurti and physicist David Bohm dialogues in regard to the end of time, discussion about physical and psychological time.  Dialogue can be found here.  Roger Penrose's "three worlds, three mysteries" diagram representing an MC Escher geometrical view of the physican, mental and mathematical worlds.  Can you separate science from the scientist? Nikola Tesla and the influence of scientists on the science they develop.  Scientific idealism of free energy per Tesla vs Einstein's resistance toward quantum mechanics.

September 14, 2012
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, ,John Powers, Matt Judah
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass, Seth Thompson
Runtime: 1:36:48
Topics Discussed: Computer model supports evolutionary explanation for the placebo effect, using a Siberian hamster - the subconscious switch.  Neuroscientist who looks like sasquatch.  Scrambled rat brains don't prevent rat from navigating a maze - Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot.  Presentiment, precognition, remote viewing, clever Hans horse, research methods in parapsychology.  Buddhism and the timeless present.  Comic book superheroes.  Interstellar travel and starship conference.  Traversable wormhole or Alcubierre space warp.  Micro Space Warp and the work of Dave Pares in his garage laboratory.  Epistemology, logical forms and fallacies.  Steve introduces rough explanation of his new comprehensive philosophy "Nondual Popularism."  Seth's meal planning and direct experience of Steve's philosophy.

September 7, 2012
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, ,John Powers, Matt Judah
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass, Seth Thompson
Topics Discussed: The Keshe Foundation technology announcement.  New Public Service Announcements.  Centers for Disease Control ad campaign:  Preparedness 101:  Zombie Apocalypse.  Limits of human survival, Harry Houdini, martial arts and adaptation as a feature to stretch limits of human survival.  Application to thoughts and thought patterns.  What are the limits of consciousness and thinking pertaining to UFOs and ETs?  Falsifying ET claims involves statements about probability.  M-theory as a "collection of ideas" rather than a theory with observational data according to Roger Penrose.  Are purely mathematical presentations, without observational data or falsifiability, still considered science?  What passes for science these days (multiverses) would suggest the answer is yes.

August 31, 2012 (Season Premiere)
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, ,John Powers, Matt Judah
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass, Seth Thompson
Runtime: 1:41:34
Topics Discussed: The UFO/Paranormal crossover show.  Progression of technology since the 1980s.  Alcohol intoxication and the nature of consciousness - the simple feeling of being.  Time travel, memory formation.  Density of consciousness - hallucinogens, salvia divinorum, Ayahuasca.  New public service announcements.  UFOlogy degree programs and course offerings.  Comparison with phrenology, 2012 studies:  World Mission Society Church and www.letusreason.org - Korean second coming of Christ.  Eckankar, the fringes of UFOlogy, abductive reasoning; reworking the Drake Equation and Political Science professor Kevin Brennan's prediction of the falling down of the Berlin wall.

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