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Spring 2011 On The Fringe Radio (audio archive)

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May 9, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Seth Thompson, Matt Judah, John Powers
Guests:  Hartland Paranormal (
Run Time: 2:12:23
Topics Discussed:  Listen Now!
Questions Answered:

May 2, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Seth Thompson, Matt Judah, John Powers
Guests:  Hartland Paranormal (
Run Time: 2:34:12
Topics Discussed:  Hartland Paranormal investigators join in on the discussion again this week.  Seth's unusual "big red eye" experience.  Call in guest...thank you!  Russian beliefs in the paranormal.  The Thomas Theorem.  We apologize for the audio mixing on this recording and the April 25 episode.  Remember this is college radio.  
Questions Answered:  What's up with the Russians?

April 25, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Seth Thompson, Matt Judah, John Powers
Guests:  Hartland Paranormal (
Run Time: 2:02:03
Topics Discussed:  Guests John Hart, Laura Johnson and Kyle Winans join OTF!  Lawrence, KS haunting at Kansas University - Governor's wife involved.  Great Lakes Ghost Hunting Investigations; EVPs, photos, outline of figure.  Mongolian worm with electrifying capabilities.  Oldest spider fossil every found.  Salthouse haunted home for sale in Bethel, OR.  Chip Coffee speaks to the dead.  Interview with Hartland Paranormal investigators.
Questions Answered:  

April 18, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Tyrone Pham, Matt Judah, Seth Thompson
Guests:  John Powers
Run Time: 3:27:42
Topics Discussed:  Road kill and Seth's trip to Colorado.  Alternative power sources using lightning from thunderstorms.  Research shows higher educated folks tend to be less skeptical of the paranormal.  X-Files; Slayer; body building with "controlled insanity"; Brondo the thirst mutilator.  Paranormal ghost detector iPhone app using magnetic compass fields.  Manila Archdiocese demonic possession and exorcism and Kundalini psychosis.  Measuring auras; Kirlian photography.  Jesus' crucifixion nails found?  Ouija baords; bashing psychiatry and psychology.  Cucamonga, CA child draws auras; psychic kids.  1850 Franconia, NH copper mine ghosts. Poltergeist ridden home causes family in East Yorkshire, UK to flee; ghost writing on windows is last straw.  Jack Nicholson, Christopher Walken clips; Lady Gaga spirit channels fashion designer; William Shatner's "Rocket Man" reading; 1682 Maine is first continental US ghost report.
Questions Answered:  What kind of music do we enjoy?

April 11, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Tyrone Pham, Matt Judah, John Powers
Guests:  Karen
Run Time: 2:11:19
Topics Discussed:  Undisclosed location ghost hunting expedition.  Psychic John Edward and the nature of "the gift" of sensitives.  Holy Water, smudging, apache tear stones. K-2 meter technology.  Antidepressant medication.  UNOPS rating system using chupacabras.  Mysterious tall creature March, 2011 - Pennsylvania Bigfoot Casebook.  Addiction to technology, social networking.  Psychic Kip Carlson predicts April 7 Japan earthquake. Chocolate links ancient civilizations, Pueblo based on pottery trace chemical signatures.  Metal plate books dated 1st century AD, ancient Biblical writing predating St. Paul.  Book of Revelation.
Questions Answered:  How do you keep a ghost from following you home?

April 4, 2011 Episode
Run Time: 3:27:44
Topics Discussed:  Text description coming soon..Listen Now!
Questions Answered:  

March 28, 2011 Episode
Run Time: 3:10:08
Topics Discussed:  Text description coming soon..Listen Now!
Questions Answered:  

March 21, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Tyrone Pham, Matt Judah
Guests:  John Powers
Run Time: 1:47:56
Topics Discussed:  Young earth believers, 6k.  Ghosts cause school building evacuation as a white egg-shaped ghost on a blackboard.  Haitian zombie slave.  Family tormented by fire.  Ghost shows on TV:  paranormal state, ghost hunters.  Demonology and cryptozoology.  Supernatural reports of Nebraska:  Hummel Park, Brother Sebastians, Central High School, Lynch Park, Millard North High School, Omaha South High, Patty Cakes bakery in Papillion, Bellevue East High, Gilbert Pool.  Devil's toy box, ouija board operations.  UNOPS EVP clips.  Christopher Walken.  Lady Gaga's song channelling.
Questions Answered:  

March 14, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Matt Judah, Tyrone Pham, Seth Thompson
Guests:  Kyle Finley
Run Time: 1:35:21
Topics Discussed:  March 19, 2011 supermoon (lunar perigee) triggering disasters?  Haunted basement video on the internet.  Biblical cryptozoology; behemoth; the beast; unicorns; leviathan.  Seth's ghost encounter.  Hypnopompic vs hypnagogic states of consciousness.  Ghost hunter's field guide categorizing reports of phenomena.  Spontaneous combustion.  Paranormal investigations considering concepts such as the "noise floor" and ambient temperature.  Precognitive dreaming; Richard Wiseman research in the UK.  LIVE dream interpretation in the studio using Seth's box and trailer images as an example.  (Note Seth's slip of the tongue reference, "when the sky was outcast" instead of "when the sky was overcast."
Questions Answered:  What are good reasons to investigate paranormal activity at night time?

March 7, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Matt Judah, Seth Thompson
Guests:  Kyle Finley and John Powers
Run Time: 1:43:14
Topics Discussed:  The hole to Hadez in Siberia; analyzing sounds from hell broadcast on Art Bell; evaluation using mythbuster's scale.  Von Neuman machines.  Rising ghost reports in the UK.  Who first invented fire?  Homoerectus.  Local area paranormal investigators...PRISM.  Problems with spirit channeling; Nancy Lieder's zeta reticuli; Nibiru; Planet X.  Rebecca Brown and the entity "Elaine."  Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard.  The US Navy robot apocalypse.  Grapheme as a cyborg medium.  Horse mutilations and bigfoot in ElPaso, TX. Chuck Zukowski, law enforcement (reserve deputy) investigator in Arizona investigates UFOs, bigfoot and other on the fringe evidence on his own time and gets restricted.  Seth is not happy at all.
Questions Answered:  What new cell phone features are at the forefront in paranormal evidence gathering?

February 28, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Matt Judah, Tyrone Pham, Seth Thompson
Guests:  None tonight!
Run Time: 1:28:41
Topics Discussed:  Photo and video analysis of recent UNOPS ghost hunt.  Daryl Bem precognition studies; metanalysis methodology.  Three styles of haunting; poltergeists; shadow people; doppelgangers.  Facial recognition pareidolia.  Paranormal Activity Sanctuary and Paranormal Activity movie review.  Seth's cryptic description of paranormal activity induction.  Malaisian entity; Thailand man with 1,000 amulets to protect himself from ghosts.  Gender differences in paranormal interests.  Heavy Metal Baghdad. Ghostly horseman in Egypt.  Six signs you might be psychic: you know the phone rings; you know child/friend is in trouble; deja vu; psychometry with objects; prophetic dreams; prophesying to friends.  Magnetic man video.  Closing the show with Oscars, urban dictionary and popular culture discussion.
Questions Answered:  What are some of the UNOPS debunking efforts?

February 21, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Matt Judah, Tyrone Pham, Kyle Finley
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass, John Powers, and impromptu guest Robert Brown as "the program director"
Run Time: 2:36:40
Topics Discussed:  Loch Ness monster revisited; evidence and suppositions about pleisosaur's and breeding populations needed, possible cavernous dwellings.  Feb 19 ghost hunt with PRISM group; possible binary communication established with an entity using K-2 gauss meter.  A lengthy brainstorming dialogue of possible yes/no answers to an entity that would produce the most valuable information.  Gilgamesh metaphor.  Brief book reviews:  Dean Radin's The Conscious Universe, Charles Tart's The End of Materialism and Rupert Sheldrake's 7 Experiments That Could Change the World.  Review of essential research practices in telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition and telekinesis.  A poor and potentially inaccurate summary of statistical analysis methods and statistical significance probability levels (p<.01 in hard sciences, p<.05 in social sciences).  Discussion about meta-analysis study on: telepathy, the sheep/goal effect, psi in the casino and perception through time.  Character and features of lucid dreaming; what it feels like; how to do it; how to verify in comparison to OBEs (out of body experiences.)
Questions Answered:  What yes/no question would you ask a ghost on the other side?
                                 How can you learn the skill of lucid dreaming?

February 14, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Seth Thompson, Matt Judah, Kyle Finley
Guests:  John Powers, Carrie Lacy
Run Time: 1:53:53
Topics Discussed:  Surrey UK Thorpe water theme park paranormal investigation.  Jim Arnold - storm surge water ride mediums and clergy.  Harley House Massachusetts ghost investigation by Ghost Busters International fundraiser. Royal Ontario museum 20k bee deaths; ecosystem impact per Einstein.  Michio Kaku.  Ohio State University Lynn Hall; Kennedy Museum of Art.  Central Texas ghost tales and Texas Ghost Hunters; anti-android activists and marriage between humans and androids.  Star Trek; Data; Star Trek:  The Motion Picture "v-ger".  New York talk radio show "Through the Mist" exploring paranormal and parapsychology.  First faked ghost photo from the 1850s using double exposure.  Catholic confession iPhone app used to track your sins. Inventions of Jules Verne.  Fort Knox security clearance. Ghost hunting instrumentation.  Charles Tart's Big 5 of paranormal research.  Lengthy musings on the morphology of an imaginary creature called the "jackaboo."
Questions Answered:  Do you really want to know what a "jackaboo" is?

February 7, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Seth Thompson, Matt Judah
Guests:  John Powers, Karen
Run Time: 1:35:15
Topics Discussed:  David Biggs "Paranormal is Normal" - the average person holds 2 paranormal beliefs.  So, what are the On the Fringe hosts and guests beliefs?  Lucid dreaming discussion.  Thorpe Park, Surrey UK paranormal activity at a water theme park built on a burial ground.  Licking county Jail in Ohio haunting.  Salisbury UK paranormal researchers.  Revisiting Daryl Bem precognition studies on the Colbert Report.  LIVE EVP audio analysis!  Listen and judge for yourself.  Ozzy Osbourne; The Stanley Hotel; Steven King; Ghostbusters.  Karen's sister calls in reporting her experiences at the famed Stanley Hotel.
Questions Answered:  How does the UNO Paranormal Society go about evaluating electronic voice phenomena?

January 31, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Tyrone Pham, Seth Thompson, Matt Judah
Last hour guest:  John Powers
Run Time: 2:05:30
Topics Discussed:  Precognition study with subjects guessing position of images on a computer screen.  Daryl Bem, Psi researcher.  Word recall experiment, understanding of methodology.  Probability biases; availability biases in Psi research.  Near Death Experience research by Jeffrey Long.  MRI and Functional MRIs.  Nostradamus quatrain attributed to Egypt uprising; history vs prophecy.  Mayan calendar.  Groupthink or in-group bias. Ghost Hunters episode examining white noise spectrum.  EVP vs radio broadcasts vs prerecorded artifacts; understanding skepticism.  Carrie's very haunted house and sugar cookies incident.  Up to 1/3 of hauntings are ghosts using cell phones. University of North Hampton student awarded psychic research scholarship. Drug induced clairvoyance; ayahuasca; Charles Manson.  UNOPS "jackaboo' EVP.  Run down of other psi abilities including:  clairalience (smell), clairaudience (sound), clairsentience (touch), clairsavorance (taste).  The Christopher Walken singularity theorem.
Questions Answered:  How to use critical reasoning in examining psi research?

Tyrone Pham from the Tyrone show joins the fringe

January 24, 2011 (World Premiere of UNOPS On the Fringe Radio Show)
Hosts:  Seth Thompson, Matt Judah, John Powers
Call in Guests:  Jason Cordova -Cryptoscience Society, Dave Pares
Run Time: 2:31:00
Topics Discussed:  China's psychic kids and remote viewing. The demand for haunted homes in the marketplace.  Jason Cordova calls in to discuss possible bigfood blood under investigation; cattle mutilations; lady of the house; intoxicated EVPs in the cryptoscience society's brewery and residual hauntings.  Seth's green ghost story, dressed in Lewis & Clark era garb.  Dave's soldier ghost story as it was related to him. Tibetan spiritual technologies.  ETs and remote viewing with speculation on salvation in the year 2012.  Subconscious production of electronic voice phenomena; dreams as projected EVPs; interpretation of EVPs as dream images. Daryl Bem ESP studies (  Kota Bharu muslim ghostbusters chanting phrases from the Koran to expose fire starting spirits. Oregon paranormal investigators on call in coos bay fjord.  Frederick, MD EVP haunting.  Tesseract depiction of 4D images in 3D.  Lucid dreaming; Seth's past life recall experience and Seth's (minor) remote viewing experiments you can do at home!
Questions Answered:  What are 5 (suggested) ways to keep ghosts out of your house?

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