Spring 2013 Spooky Action Radio (audio archive)

NOTE:  New broadcast location coming soon!

The Omaha UFO Study Group's radio programs from Science Radio International, Spooky Action at a Distance(TM) and The Quantum State(TM) are in the process of becoming a solely independent radio network with out own studio facilities.  We are seeking to offer you original and unrestricted programming to provide you with an unfiltered and entertaining look at breaking news in science, UFOlogy, the ET hypothesis, paranormal investigation and discussion.  As always, everything is provided entirely free of charge.  We have suspended our relationship with MAVRADIO productions due to a conflict in ideology.  We believe the scientific mind of curiosity should be unfettered by the restrictions of canned, planned and scanned scrutiny in an environment of second-guessing and outdated, squeaky studio equipment.  The scientific mind is best cultivated by spontaneity, creativity, and above all LIVE interactive dialogue between the best and brightest who happen to grace the presence of our studio, whether that be on-air guests, Facebook or e-mail commentary or LIVE call-in commentary with little to no screening.  We do thank MAVRADIO facility personnel for allowing us to develop our skills in the studio and look forward to unleashing the creative, scientific minds of the UNO student body for any who wish to think out loud and speak out strong at our new mobile studio facility.  We will show you respect upon your entry, but you will need to earn it at every moment as we prod you to explore your preconceptions.  UNO Students, consider this as an invitation and a challenge.

Each week we explore and discuss sightings from around the world and talk about breaking news in science and other related fields.  Our mission is to look at the logical and rational science explanations of the UFO phenomenon.   

John Powers and Steve Snodgrass

We will answer your e-mail questions on the air...live!

We are looking forward to another year of radio shows!  New and exciting guests, favorite guests from previous episodes will return for a command performance and we are branching out into ESP and the Paranormal.

You may download episodes below in .mp3 format, but join us Friday nights for a LIVE on air discussion!

February 22, 2013 (Final broadcast from Mavradio studios)
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, John Powers, Matt Judah
Guests:  Ashley Chisolm, Steve Snodgrass, Dave Pares, Seth Thompson
Runtime: 2:11:29
Topics Discussed:  Taps is played for this, the last episode broadcast from the UNO Mavradio studio.  Farewell to thee.  We will be back on a new Science Radio International network of our own with some (often) good programming.

February 15, 2013
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, John Powers, Matt Judah
Guests Host:  Ashley Chisolm
Runtime: 4:06:10

February 8, 2013
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, John Powers, Matt Judah
Guests:  Dave Pares
Runtime: 3:24:27

February 1, 2013
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, John Powers, Matt Judah
Guests:  Dave Pares, Katrina
Runtime: 1:40:21

January 24, 2013
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, John Powers, Matt Judah
Guests:  Brady DeSanti, Steve Snodgrass, Carrie Lacey
Runtime: 1:48:52
Topics Discussed:  The Black Eyed Kids (BEK) episode.  An entire show devoted to the urban legend of the BEK, spooky action style.  We read accounts of the legend, cross reference and draw parallels to vampires, demons, alien/human hybridization, men in black and the noctural intruders of alien abduction.  Hypothesis are drawn based on anthropology, sociology, psychology, cultural studies, psychoanalysis, trauma, neuroanatomy and brain physiology.  What should you do if and when you see a Black Eyed Kid?  We have a split decision with some suggesting to run like the wind; others say face them and let them in to your world and psyche.

January 18, 2013
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, John Powers, Matt Judah
Guests:  Dave Pares (first 20 minutes), Steve Snodgrass
Runtime: 1:50:40
Topics Discussed:  Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan revisited briefly; conspiracy theories.  Steve's pineal gland flouride American Dental Association conspiracy.  Science aphorisms.  New studio call-in line 402-595-2303.  (402-554-4927 is the old, nonfunctioning number).  Harold White, space warp scientist will not be successful using a toroidal coil; he's also using branes of M-theory which does not appear to be connected.  Dave Pares's update on space warp laboratory experiments.  Nebraska MUFON and its current state.  Harold Capek quotation and robot connection. Heinrich Hertz aphorism.  Perception of reality, time travel, changing the past, grandfather paradox.  Partially Examined Life podcast.  Psychology, psychiatry and antidepressants.  Steve's bizarre application of the inverse square law to the nature of time; Eric Julien's description of time as having direction, density and present moment.  Richard Feynman.  John's "special place" involves clubbing seals.  Runt leg PSA.  Goethe aphorisms sounds like Yoda.  Effectiveness of aluminum hats at protecting (or amplifying) protected radio signals - a good conspiracy there.  Beethoven's Ode to Joy spoken and sung in German by Steve.  Jacques Vallee, Bigelow Aeorospace, French UFOlogy, John Tomlinson.  Brian wave entrainment; Max Planck aphorism.  Are scientists dedicated to the truth of the matter?

January 11, 2013
Hosts:  Kyle Finley, John Powers, Matt Judah
Guests:  none
Runtime: 4:43:00
Topics Discussed:  Alex Jones, gun control, Piers Morgan.  The longest discussion on this topic...ever!  The views expressed on this and every other episode of Spooky Action at a Distance Radio are not those of MAVRADIO, it's management or sponsors...should there ever be actual sponsors.  CAUTION: very sensitive topics discussed - only for those with a thick skin.  You have been warned.

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