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Fall 2012 Quantum State Radio (audio archive)

November 30, 2012
Hosts:  Dave Pares, Kyle Finley, Matt Judah
Guests: John Powers, Steve Snodgrass
Runtime: 2:06:10
Topics Discussed: The pessimism "dumb it down" episode...trying not to talk about micro space warp since people find it boring.  Preview of spooky action end of the world show 12/21/2012.  NASA backs of Mars Discovery rumors; bacterial remains from Mars meteorite found in Antarctica.  Water on Mercury; Saturn moon Titan seasons identified from Cassini spacecraft.  New hottest temperature record on Earth.  Weather observations and faultiness.  Getting ignored by Alejandro Rojas and Open MInds Radio.  Cchaos thread weaving and Harold White.  Bigfoot DNA article.  Loop quantum cosmology and the Big Bounce; cosmic microwave background irregularities suggest echo from previous iteration/oscillations or to use Roger Penrose's terminology "Aeons before the Big Bang".  Explanation for deja vu, ghost images and implications for the gerbil thought experiment.  Phantom leaf and kirlian photography.  "The God Hole" of Aristototle and Plato.  Explanatory hypothesis of Rupert Sheldrake (morphic resonance) and why Dave doesn't like it.  Rat labs in university psychology classes. NOTE: The last 20 minutes of this episode morph into the November 30, 2012 episode of Spooky Action at a Distance radio show.

November 16, 2012
Hosts:  Dave Pares, Kyle Finley, Matt Judah
Guests: Steve Snodgrass
Runtime: 1:13:25
Topics Discussed:  Dave is tired of grading papers.  Kyle sees the Peter Kiewitt Institute drying up talent.  "There is no partial credit for engineering" and "what every physicist should do at least once in their life" (deriving a lengthy equation).  Rogue planet 100 light years away (CFVDSIR2149)...or perhaps it's a brown dwarf.  China's moon mission; the saturn V rocket, antigravity and space warp technology and Dave's micro warp experiment.  NASA's lunar outpost plans.  Problems with the vision of the Space Shuttle program and lack of experienced engineers.  The new space race with America, China, Russia vs private enterprise. Obamacare and politics discussed on The Quantum State.  Steve shared observations about free condoms on campus, but no clothing donations for local schools.

November 9, 2012
Hosts:  Dave Pares, Matt Judah
Runtime: 1:16:17
Topics Discussed: Weather forecasting; protecting astronauts from radiation, advanced neutron spectrometer.  Micro space warp December expedition postponed due to TV production schedule conflicts.  Chernobyl clean up and leukemia.  Comet collisions and 49SETI.  x48B NASA craft.  Quantum effects at room temperature - aka kissing without touching. Michio Kaku - storm surge scientist.  New entanglement research.

November 2, 2012
Hosts:  Dave Pares, Kyle Finley, Matt Judah
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass
Runtime: 1:48:04
Topics Discussed:  NEW results from micro space warp experiment.  More in depth description of the apparatus, detection method, and visual representation of the results.  Application at the macro level with a ship capable of sustaining space warp propulsion.  Tickertape parades.  Discussion of kirlian photography and the phantom leaf.  Morphic fields as explanatory description of memory locality in physical spacetime of living matter.

October 26, 2012
Hosts:  Dave Pares, Kyle Finley, Matt Judah
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass
Runtime: 1:43:38
Topics Discussed:  Hurrican Sandy.  Dr. Jack Kasher's climate change and global warming presentation preview.  Climate change vs pollution - the importance of separating the two.  Pacific garbage patch discussion morphs the show into the Quantum Political Radio Show.  Earth's magnetosphere as a solar wind sieve.  Micro space warp - progress on lab experimental data accumulation.  Snow and the Albedo effect.  Paranormal Symposium media coverage.  Matrix films, the mind-body problem and the best steak in Omaha (Piccolo's).  Perception of time.  Kirlian photography and parapsychology study of "the feeling of being stared at", phantom limbs with trace electromagnetic signature.  Rupert Sheldrake's "7 Experiments That Could Change The World" preview of a forthcoming show topic.  John Powers and Dave Pares debate the scientific basis of climate change, lack of anthropogenic causative factors, and the politicizing of using science to change human behavior for greater purposes, regardless of what the science says.

October 19, 2012
Hosts:  Dave Pares, Kyle Finley, Matt Judah
Runtime: 1:45:10
Topics Discussed:  Recap of the UNO Paranormal Summit, Squirrel Cage Prison fundraiser.  THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!  Evidence for micro space warp is supported with Professor Dave Pares' experiment using a tri-pole antenna interferometer in a Michaelson Morley design.  The experiment demonstrates evidence for micro space warp at low power levels via compression of a laser beam with fringe patterns in a micro warp field.  Confirmation of micro space warp was made on 15 October, 2012 at 6:05pm CST with images providing further verification using Fraclab 2.0 analysis software.  Micro warp does NOT require power levels of the mass of the planet Jupiter.  Chris Massin documentation and French translation of the Omaha and UNO UFO Study Group projects on  Next steps in the experiment will involve a first-week-in-December trip to Florida with Professor Pares and Pilot Bruce Gernon to assess potential for macro space warp, possibly sustainable, controlled and artificial.  Implications for real world application and help solving problems of mass transit, energy savings.  Ode to Miguel Alcubierre in providing the motivation with his theoretical work.  Discussion of antigravity.  Biography and work of our scientist of the week:  Edwin Hubble.  Childhood maladies of great scientists; creativity, inquisitiveness in education.

October 5, 2012
Hosts:  Dave Pares, Kyle Finley, Matt Judah
Guests:  UNO Gateway Student Newspaper, Seth Thompson
Runtime: 2:00:15
Topics Discussed:  Upcoming activities including paranormal ghost hunt and "Paranormal Activity" movie screening/discussion.  Articles discussed include:  increasing internet download speeds using new micro-optical device; SO102 star orbiting a black hole; expansion of the universe is still occuring with NASA's Spitzer space telescope placing the Hubble constant at 74.3.  Panning the work of Stephen Hawking.  UNO Gateway newspaper interview live in studio.  Discussion includes fractal analysis of UFO/paranormal images, use of the "paranormal dampener" and "paranormal portal", geothermal energy, government energy policty, bandwidth efficiency.  Seth arrives and begins discussion of how to make a light saber, a laser gatlin ray gun, body suit armor exoskeleton, and plasma weapons.  This discussion concludes beginning in Part 1 of the October 5, 2012 Spooky Action Radio program.

September 21, 2012
Hosts:  Dave Pares, Kyle Finley, Matt Judah
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass 
Runtime: 1:48:18
Topics Discussed:  Ghost cat images, gauss readings and audio from Squirrel Cage Prison in Council Bluffs, IA.  Fractal analysis enhancement of paranormal imagery discussed.  Classification (A, B, C, etc) of ghost images based on level of enhancement done to images.  Consciousness and 3 states of matter corrolary.  What are we looking for when on a ghost hunt?  We'll tell you one possibility.  Logical fallacies and inductive reasoning.  Descartes' cogito.  100 Year Starship Syposium and the warp drive theoretical work done by Harold White at JPL, Baylor University.  Welcome to the club!  Professor Pares' micro space warp experiment using Michelson Morley experiment with laser.  Demo on French TV filmed this past Summer.  Dave's Zephram Cochrane statue.  Bimini Island trip again this Fall to demonstrate and identify weather parameters for thunderstorm-based space warp in nature.  To be produced and documented with an English producer and Bruce Gernon himself.  "It's not a race...there's plenty of space".  Steve diagrams Dave's dual neuronal network processing in the last 24 hours...from limbic system to neocortex.

September 14, 2012
Hosts:  Dave Pares, Kyle Finley, Matt Judah
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass (2nd half of the show)
Runtime: 1:47:54
Topics Discussed: New York City serving law limiting soda purchases to 8oz servings.  Implications for emWave heart rate variability studies.  Scientist of the week:  Richard Feynman.  Turns the discussion to Quantum State Radio's list of the Top 10 Physicists of all time.  Hear the debate and dialogue as the group comes to consensus on who makes the cut.  Also discussed:  starship interstellar conference, September, 2012; atomic theory, physics vs philosophy.  Ludwig Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus.  Here's our Top 10 list: 
1.  Nikola Tesla
2.  Isaac Newton
3.  Albert Einstein
4.  PT Farnsworth
5.  Richard Feynman
6.  Edwin Hubble
7.  Neils Bohr
8.  Robert Goddard
9.  Max Planck
10. James Clerk Maxwell

September 7, 2012
Hosts:  Dave Pares, Kyle Finley, Matt Judah
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass (2nd half of the show)
Runtime: 1:51:01
Topics Discussed: Scientist of the Week:  Neils Bohr, his biography, summary of achievements, personal viewpoints and philosophies.  Speed of light; what we know about electrons, why is there positive and negative charge.  CERN experiment yielding photons from lead ions showing early stages of the universe.  Brookhaven studies with gold ions.  Bohr quotations, philosophy, and his personality.    Neutrino discussion; fusion reaction and the concept of Anyons.  NOVA neutrino experiment; femto photography.  Warp tunnels in thunderstoms related to quantum teleportation method?  Connecting the dots:  could entanglement by micro space warp?

August 31, 2012
Hosts:  Dave Pares, Kyle Finley, Matt Judah
Runtime: 2:00:14
Topics Discussed: Squirrel Cage Prison ghost hunting in Council Bluffs, IA.  EVPs and gauss meters.  Moving EMF fields; protocol development for ghost hunting. Atlantic garbage patch.  Blue Moon, Harvest Moon, Blood Moon - what's the difference?  French TV and Discovery Channel filming and production this past Summer on Dave's Micro Space Warp experiment - laboratory demonstration and bumping of equipment by camera man.  Sugar molecules found around a star - building blocks of life.  Fermented space liquor?  NASA's Dawn Spacecraft - formation of our solar system - dwarf planet.  Ion propulsion. Programming computers in various OS's and languages.  Femto photography and photon packets.  Mars Curiousity's robotic arm.  What a galaxy is made of - new method using nanoclusters and nano crystals.

August 24, 2012
Hosts:  Dave Pares, Kyle Finley, Matt Judah
Runtime: 1:53:45
Topics Discussed: What we did this Summer.  OSFest; fractal analysis presentation, micro space warp experiments, Bermuda triangle, and paranormal investigation.  Dave Pares' filming of upcoming TV specials featuring micro space warp experiment in his garage, trip to Florida.  Kyle defeats fractal analysis methodology.  Micro Space Warp experiment with fringe patterns.  Science Daily Headlines.  Nanoparticles; collective motion in group formation of Fish.  WEB telescope, large array telescopes.  Keck, and Kepler exoplanet discoveries.  Life on Mars, Mars Curiosity's 4 foot arm and a preview of our upcoming Paranormal Summit.

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