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Summer 2011 Quantum State Radio (archive)

August 1, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Dave Pares, Kyle Finley, Matt Judah
Run Time: 1:55:00
Topics Discussed: New technology (PX box) used on UNOPS ghost hunt, picking up segment of EM spectrum for EVPs.  See YouTube link.  PRISM ghost hunters' involvement; air temperature variations observed.  CGI technology and CG rendering.  Science articles:  integrated microfluidic assay microchip; elliptical galaxies not dead; heat powered photovoltaics; organic electronics and memory; brain-computer interface; NGC 3115 gases forming into black hole; weighing antimatter; climate change and global warming revisited.  Time travel discussion - Dr. David Anderson, Steven Hawking and the equivalence principle.
Questions Answered:  Is time travel possible?

July 25, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Dave Pares, Kyle Finley, Matt Judah
Run Time: 1:46:29
Topics Discussed:  Scientist of the Week:  Michael Faraday.  Science and technology articles:  breaking a 150 year old law of physics; inside a nuclear reactor; largest most distant reservoir of water; nano structured metals; landspeeder racer record of 400mph; exoplanet Aurora; quantum computing advances; quasars; twisted ring in galactic center; new moon around Pluto; artificial neural network created by biosoup exhibits brain-like behavior.  Wow!  Electromagnetic force yet still stronger than gravitation.  Bioelectric cells.
Questions Answered:  Would you like to know a bit more about Michael Faraday?

July 18, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Dave Pares, Kyle Finley, Matt Judah
Run Time: 1:43:00
Topics Discussed:  Science and technology topics:  new ways to measure coronal mass ejections; hybrid solar collectors; Q-bits breakthrough in quantum computing; elliptical vs spiral galaxy formation; TXX1138 by Steven Spielberg; armchair quantum wire (AQW) carbon nanotubes to replace copper wire vs Tesla wireless; two white dwarfs changing speeds; dark energy matter probe; Tesla split magnet; prototype electric vehicle; planning software for aircraft carriers; NASA moon missions past and future (project Orion); germ free textiles.
Questions Answered:  How many topics can we discuss in one show?

July 11, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Dave Pares, Kyle Finley, Matt Judah
Guests:  Steve Snodgrass
Run Time: 1:59:31
Topics Discussed:  Linear displacement spectacular.  Entire show is dedicated to a soon-to-be controversy surrounding a debate between the best explanation for Bruce Gernon's 1970 flight from Andros Island to Miami.  Arguments from both sides are shared and Professor Pares defends his theoretical model.  Click here to download Omaha UFO Study Group President Steve Snodgrass's written summary of the debate that is discussed on this episode of The Quantum State.  Click here to take a look at the article discussed on this episode, Ed Halerewicz Jr.'s challenges to Professor Pares.
Questions Answered:  What is a better explanation for linear displacement...Alcubierre Space Warp or an Ellis Traversable Wormhole?

June 27, 2011 Episode
Hosts:  Dave Pares, Kyle Finley, Matt Judah
Guests:  None
Run Time: 1:55:24
Topics Discussed:  Missouri river flooding and levee system saturation; Fort Calhoun and Cooper nuclear station safety.  Fermilab oscillation mechanism investigating changes in neutrinos; matter/antimatter symmetry.  Michio Kaku and string theory, quarks and bozons.  Astonishing discovery by University of Minnesota into green electricity created from a new alloy comprised of nickel, manganese and cobalt.  Cold war factoid in regard to wheat traded for cobalt which was needed for aircraft that sustained the cold war...irony at its best.  Vitamin B in a breathalizer; ultrasound health tools; quantum entanglement and quantum transportation.  New cancer therapy with less harmful radiation; physics, light receptor cells potential for artificial sight; brain-like computing using phase charge materials.  Dave's idea to solve the national debt using an IRS lottery system.  Nikola Tesla and how to build electrical generators.  Tesla's Colorado Springs notes on wireless transmission of electricity, free energy rejected by JP Morgan for having no profit potential.
Questions Answered:  What do physics and the IRS have in common?

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