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Our group is very active in many fields of research that have to do with UFO's and other related fields. Once this site is fully updated all of it will be posted here. (2/15/2014)

Case Studies

Fractal Image Analysis

2012 Paranormal Symposium Presentations
The following is a presentation given by UNO professor emeritus Dr. Jack Kasher at the 2012 Paranormal Symposium. 
Case Study of an Abduction

Potential UFO Propulsion Systems
The following presentation was given by UNO adjunct Professor Dave Pares and deals with the proposed propulsion    systems of future spacecraft and possible UFOs.
White Papers and Powerpoints
Click on the following links to view documents and projects submitted by members of the Omaha UFO Study Group

Space Bugs by Lena Walker

Current Projects

Project Alpha
Among many other topics discussed at meetings and on the UNO UFO Radio "Spooky Action at a Distance" radio show is a merging of the social and physical sciences to explain the UFO phenomenon.  Examples are Dave Pares' investigation into the forecast parameters to reproduce high speed travel known as linear displacement or "space warp", John Powers' notion of psychic entangled particle theory to explain faster than light communication via binary signals, and Steve Snodgrass' method of validating UFO/ET claims using integral theory/philosophy.

NEW!  Check out the following PowerPoint Presentations outlining two groundbreaking technologies designed for continued improvement in the scientific investigation of the UFO phenomenon.  Professor Dave Pares and UNO Student Matt Judah present two new concepts.  The first is the development of a portable monitoring station that allows full integration of UFO hunting and paranormal (ghost) hunting tools of technology.  The second is a system for identifying and distinguishing fraudulent (hoaxed) images of both UFOs and paranormal phenomenon.  Photographs that have had tampering or integrity compromised by use of Adobe Photoshop and other image altering software can be easily identified using Fractal Analysis.  This method was first developed for use in meteorological applications and weather analysis, but has a direct application to the study of UFOs and the paranormal.

Portable Analysis and Monitoring Station.pps

Fractal Analysis Processing of UFO Imagery.pps

Fractal Analysis Processing of Paranormal Imagery.pps

Check out this 4-part series of YouTube videos of Snodgrass's theoretical approach to validating UFO claims, first presented at the 2011 UNO UFO Study Group Symposium

Integral UFOlogy Part 1

Integral UFOlogy Part 2

Integral UFOlogy Part 3

Integral UFOlogy Part 4

Project Beta
Are human mental capacities in altered states of consciousness, as metanalysis studies have shown regarding psychic phenomena, possibly a means to begin to comprehend how and why communication with advanced civilizations has already been occurring?  Such theorizing cannot be proven nor disproven (as yet), but the Omaha UFO Study Group is busy (and lightheartedly) taking time and imagination to explore how this might not only be possible, but provable using the tool of the scientific method.

The phrase "The unexamined life is not worth living", spoken by Socrates, which inspired Albert Einstein, is a good guide for the group.  Einstein's use of the phrase "spukhafte Fernwirkun" or "Spooky action at a distance" refers to the notion of quantum entanglement, one of the bases off which the group examines terrestrial and extraterrestrial life as we know it (or suspect it).  We are taking the notions of entangled particles in physics and rudimentary forms of mental telepathy (the feeling of being stared at for example) as exampled that may be based on the same fundamental principles.

Check out this 4-part series of YouTube videos that addresses the UFO/ET phenomenon based on research in extrasensory perception, cognitive neuroscience and the quantum state, first presented at the 2012 UNO UFO Study Group Symposium.

Integral UFOlogy Part 5

Integral UFOlogy Part 6

Integral UFOlogy Part 7

Integral UFOlogy Part 8

Project Theta (the story of John Foster)
As long as we're at it, we do not limit our application of "spooky action at a distance" to all the typical subject matter in UFOlogy: saucer and triangular craft, lights in the sky, crop circles, craft emerging from electronic fog, psychokinesis, memory erasure and telepathy, and little grey abduction stories.  We welcome the atypical as well as long as it is "within reason" as we choose to define it using the principles of science.

Omaha UFO Study Group member Steve Snodgrass has been given authority as prime researcher and investigator regarding the case of John Foster.  Foster has chronicled his unusual story of a lifetime of UFO/ET experiences in two books:  Eminent Discovery:  A Lifetime of UFO Encounters and To Earth from Heaven plus a newly released picture book with full illustrations of encounters available on Amazon.  Additional accounts and ongoing discussions are available in the FosterUFOs Portal Page on this website, at John Foster UFOs webpage, or the John Foster Blog Page on Wordpress,   Foster deems Mr. Snodgrass a "reliable source to convey the meaning of [Foster's] story and related work according to his interpretations."  Interested readers may choose to download Snodgrass' white papers above which begin to lay the foundation of his approach, or watch a YouTube video outlining the story of John Foster.

Project Delta (veracity of Out of Body Experiences)

One current project the UNO UFO Study Group is working is intended to explore the veracity of claims made about Out of Body Experiences, also known as Astral Travel.  People claim to have been able to lift and separate from the physical body, travel great distances or even into space and make observations from this point of view.  OBEs claim to occur in the physical realm of 3D space, just as we observe it in our normal waking lives.

Two members of the UNO UFO Study Group have indicated they occasionally have had experiences akin to an OBE.  One claims it is a periodic and often unpredictable state within a state of lucid dreaming and does not claim to have experienced an OBE as an observation of physical reality.  Rather, it is described as occurring within a dream state.

Not to be fooled or to dismiss such claims, the UNO UFO Study Group wants answers.  So they have designed a simple experiment not unlike the ones in hospital emergency rooms where a written note or picture is posted in a trauma room only visible from the vantage point of being on the ceiling.  Experiment 1 involves a simple handwritten note and drawing on yellow legal pad which is posted in the UNO UFO Study Group meeting room.  The race is on to see if either member claiming to have had an OBE can find the note!

The honor system is in place, so please, no posers.

Project Delta Phase 1 - Completed August 14, 2010
This was the first simple note attached to the steel reinforced glass cabinet in room 285 of the Durham Science Center (Spring, 2010)

Member Steve Snodgrass indicated he may have caught a glimpse of the note accidentally during a Summer meeting and requested an additional note be placed on the cabinet to help ensure validity of the project.  This was the second simple note attached to the cabinet (Summer, 2010)

The following image is a simple drawing Snodgrass made following his reported "lengthy and vivid" lucid dream and quasi-out of body experience.  Click Here for his text description of the lucid dream written minutes after its occurrence.  The drawing on the left (separated by a dotted line) is his depiction of the second note placed Summer, 2010.  The drawing on the right is his depiction of the first note placed Spring, 2010.  Click on the image to enlarge.

Project Delta Phase 2 - Completed August 28, 2010
This was the third note attached to the steel reinforced glass cabinet in room 285 of the Durham Science Center (Summer, 2010)

The following image shows contestant member Seth drawing an image of the note as he observed it during an astral travel experience. 

Project Delta Phase 3 - Completed January 12, 2013.  Member Steve Snodgrass submitted a written account of a dream which included this description of the new secret message on top of the cabinet"the last image I see before the dream image collapses is an upside down letter 'A' affixed to the brick wall.  It is sort of metallic with a matte finish, and it has a font where the bottom lines of the letter 'A' have small curved supports."

The secret message had been taken down and removed sometime prior to Steve's attempt.  The following pictures show what remained atop the glass cabinet - shelf brackets and clips.  An enjoyable and interesting discussion ensued on The UNO UFO Study Group Facebook page.  (See date January 12, 2013)

Member and psychonaut Fred Zewe, Project Delta contestant #2.  (No astral travel observations submitted as yet)