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Project Theta (the story of John Foster)

The story of Nebraska native John Foster is a puzzle that seems at once impossible to believe, easy to discard and, for many, relegated to the likes of the "outlandish and spurious category" in UFOlogy.  But the content of Foster's story, the manner in which it is communicated by Foster himself, and the sheer breadth of material, at least for one member of the Omaha UFO Study Group, suggests it is worth more in-depth study.  This page is devoted to an ongoing investigation into the story of John Foster.

Omaha UFO Study Group member Steve Snodgrass has been given authority as prime researcher and investigator regarding the case of John Foster.  Foster has chronicled his unusual story of a lifetime of UFO/ET experiences in two books:  Eminent Discovery:  A Lifetime of UFO Encounters and To Earth from Heaven available by inquiry in the 'contact us' page on this website.  Foster deems Mr. Snodgrass a "reliable source to convey the meaning [of Foster's] story and related work according to his interpretations."  Interested readers may choose to download Snodgrass' papers below which begin to lay the foundation of his approach, or watch a YouTube video (below) outlining the story of John Foster.

KOLN/KGIN News Story on Foster

On September 4, 2010 John Foster led a tour of the Omaha area of a few of the UFO craft landing sites and time-travel experiences described in his books.  Below is an ongoing description of the sites, as well as descriptions and details of this exclusive tour.  Photos, YouTube video links, GPS coordinates of sites visited and a white paper describing the tour will be provided to the reader.  All are encouraged to make their own interpretations.

Street Map of 9 Sites Visited (left to right, West to East)            Terrain Map of 8 sites visited (numbered left to right, West to East)

Hybrid Satellite Map of Tour Sites with the following GPS Coordinates
1.  N 41.29031, W 96.05392, elev 1,124'
Unity Church Omaha, future "project" building to be used by "familiar strangers"
2.  N 41.31185, W 96.04709, elev 1,080'
DeSoto Bend time travel experience (chpt 13), educational site, past Mormon Trail time travel episode of farming, high school, housing for immigrants, adoption of orphans.
3.  N 41.33781, W 96.02439, elev 1,250'
Commercial Bldg, future communications center during possible future war, becoming school for orphans
4.  N 41.33757, W 96.02840, elev 1,287'
Missile Silo
5.  N 41.35921, W 96.02430, elev 1,295'
Radar Site/Radar Base, future "Project" land
6.  N 41.34211, W 95.98032, elev 1,054'
Mormon Bridge Rd, world culture center,
site of underground spring with crystal walls; elevator and twisting tunnel entrance nearby.
7.  N 41.33726, W 95.98132, elev 1,166'
Mansion, site of "Project's" first school
8.  N 41.37519, W 95.94821, elev 1018'
Power plant on Missouri River,
building where "familiar strangers" first met, site of
tree that is of some significance.
9.  N 41.317799, W 95.950292
Community building, Florence; site near where
Joseph Smith's Mormon tablets will be read in the future by
a small group of people

Selected photos (below) of sites visited September 4, 2010.  Click on photos to enlarge.

Listen and watch John Foster provide
in-depth description of experiences as
they were presented to him.

Site #1.  Unity Church Omaha.  Future "Project" building to be used by "familiar strangers"

Site #2.  DeSoto Bend.  No streets or construction when original experiences
occurred.  Creekbed Bridge between two buildings described in Chapter 13 of Eminent Discovery

Listen and watch Foster describe more
details about "the project" as it was revealed
to him, and his understanding of how it
might be possible.

Site #5.  Radar site.  Area which Foster suggests will become part of The Project, serving unfortunate people

Illustrations of world culture center as described in Eminent Discovery

Site #6.  Site of future world culture center, underground healing spring with crystal walls; elevator and tunnel entrance nearby.

"Familiar Strangers", Foster on right

Site #8.  Building where Foster first met group of "familiar strangers", tree with some significant, near power plant on Missouri River.

Community building in Florence neighborhood, Omaha, NE.  Foster suggests this site will be nearby a location where Joseph Smith's Mormon tablets will be read in the future by a small group of people.

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