Fractal Image Analysis Instructions

Do you have a photograph or video still frame image of a UFO?  Do  you want to know if it has been altered or faked?

This page includes a presentation that was given at our 3rd Annual Paranormal Symposium on that very topic!  
We have also included detailed instructions on how our Fractal Image Analysis works and how you can learn to process your own images.
Click on links to the items below or watch a slide show of the powerpoint itself from our Projects Page

Coming Soon! - We will be adding a directory of the photos we have analyzed and give detailed accounts on why we believe the Fractal Image Analysis either proves that these images were altered after they were taken or were not altered.

The following link leads to a paper done by Matt Judah that explains in great detail the fractal process and how to use Fraclab 2.0 software.

This is a good tutorial in learning about Fractals and analysis.

Fractal Research Paper