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French Translation Site for Omaha Study Group Projects
Parlez-vous français?  If you are a french language speaker, you are in luck!  Please visit www.sufor.org to view detailed information on major project activities undertaken by the Omaha UFO Study Group in your native language.  The work of Professor Emeritas of physics Dr. Jash Kasher, Professor David Pares' scientific investigation of micro space warp, and Steve Snodgrass's development of Integral UFOlogy, a new method for evaluating the validity of UFO/ET claims, have been translated into the french language, with more languages to come!

Dave Pares Interview on Open Minds Radio
This just in!  Professor Dave Pares appeared on Open Minds TV in an interview by Alejandro Rojas.  In just over an hour Professor Pares summarizing all the current activities being performed by the UNO UFO Study Group, the UNO Paranormal Society, and the Omaha UFO Study group including:  fractal analysis image processing, UFO/paranormal investigating equipment designs, portable monitoring stations, the "Pares Portal" and Space Warp theory.  You can find the full episode by clicking on this link to the show.

Dr. Mark Roussau 1975 Interview
Be sure not to miss an enhanced digital copy of a cassette tape recording by Dr. Mark Rousseau of an interview he conducted on October 25, 1975.  The interview recounts the October 22, 1952 sighting of a UFO craft witnessed by Rousseau, his father and family members. Download enhanced copy of Dr. Mark Rousseau interview in .mp3 format.

Steve Snodgrass and John Powers Dialogue on Alien Evolutionary Theory
As promised on the January 14, 2011 episode, click here for a copy (in PDF format) of the Facebook dialogue between dueling presidents:  John Powers, President of the UNO UFO Study Group and Steve Snodgrass, President of the Omaha UFO Study Group.  These two UFO enthusiasts dialogue on evolutionary theory, specifically the mechanism that drives it - natural selection exclusively vs creativity, progress and purpose in evolution.

UFO Disclosure announced in a whimper, not a bang
April 29, 2011 episode note.  Below is the March 22, 1950 memo from Guy Hottell, SAC, Washington to then FBI director J. Edgar Hoover regarding three "flying saucers" and "three bodies of human shape" occupying each of them.  (click to enlarge)

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