Beet Farmer answers all

posted Dec 25, 2010, 6:54 PM by Omaha UFO Study Group   [ updated Dec 25, 2010, 7:08 PM ]
Here is a summary of questions and answers as posed to two anonymous PhD Anthropologists (known as "the beet farmer" and "crazy cat lady" on the December 10, 2010 Spooky Action Radio Show.

Q1:  8' anthropoids possible?  like bigfoot?
A: No, haven't found evidence.  better explanation is most if not all reporters have misjudged the size of what they saw or that their experience is culture-bound in some way.

Q2:  Nazca lines an alien runway?
A:  No, because what about England and Europe geoglyphs.  no one suggests they're extraterrestrial so a presumption that aliens were involved must have something more to do with racism or culture bias.  Consensus was reached that aliens are not likely involved and the runway theory doesn't work anyway.

Q3: Bipedal, bilateral symmetry in aliens?
A:  No.  It's uncommon, unlikely here to begin with and therefore unlikely anywhere.  bipedalism is unique, solves some problems but creates many and is the result of a unique set of circumstances and adaptations on this planet.  

Q4:  humans able to build pyramids?
A:  yes, with enough time, labor and materials and having the same brain as we do, ropes and rollers would make it doable.  furthermore, there are hundreds of pyramids (not just the three in egypt) that demonstrate a progression of trial and error.  also, ancient greek and roman structures are remarkable as well, but aren't presumed to have involved alien intervention.

Q5:  human origins from another planet and then came here?
A:  No, but how long ago are we talking.  (this is where dave says "no matter what I says it's not going to be right" in response to his guessing how old in history this could have occured, i.e. billions, 4 million, 2 million years ago?).  we wouldn't expect DNA here on earth because life would have to be completely different.  there should be a deviation from the unity of organization that we see.  that is, we can trace common ancestry so extraterrestrial origin theories would have no place.

Q6:  could there have been advanced civilizations in history?
A:  No.  It's possible, but we haven't found evidence for it.

Q7:  what's the best way to bridge the human alien divide?
A:  don't understand the question.  as follow up to Q6, what if ETs brought life itself?  A:  it's possible the earth was a "baggage dump"

Q8:  could humans and aliens interbreed?
A:  highly unlikely, we can't breed with chimps and they are very similar to us genetically.

ancillary question: could atlantis have existed as more than a cautionary tale or allegory?
A:  no, because aside from plato we see no stories elsewhere about atlantis until the 19th century.  besides, there are too many places purported to have been the original atlantis, including new york and a bunch of other places.  if it's purported to be in so many places, there is no foundation to the story that it was a real place

Q9:  could the loch ness monster exist?
A:  Yes, if the loch has an outlet to the ocean.  we would need around 1,500 of them to be a breeding population.