In April of 1998 local TV personality Carol Schrader interviewed Jack Kasher PhD and John Foster on the topic UFOs: Myth, Real, or Government cover-up.  Aired on KYNE Channel 26 on April 18, 1998 in the Fireplace Lounge of the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Milo Bail Student Center.  Jack Kasher Phd, Professor Emeritus, UNO department of Physics discusses his perspective of the UFO phenomena with special attention to his analysis of NASA’s Shuttle Discovery mission STS48.  John Foster provides an overview of his lifetime of experiences, showing his original artwork in the program depicted in illustrations and sculpture models of craft he observed. John Foster’s story is chronicled in two books:  Eminent Discovery:  UFOs at the Core of our Culture and To Earth From Heaven.  Find extensive background info on the story of John Foster at running investigation and commentary by Steve Snodgrass available on our projects page.

Follow the links below to watch this 27 minute broadcast.  We apologize for the audio/video syncing problem toward the end.  This is an old video captured from the best VHS copy we have available.

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